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Switch to use timestamp> rather than local-time> (and similar), due to

change of implementation in LOCAL-TIME package
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commit f33f1e1a4d138152b6fd74478465a14432ff37cb 1 parent cfc7dbd
Christopher Browne authored
4 core/ledger.lisp
@@ -76,10 +76,10 @@
(let (earliest latest)
(iterate ((xact (scan-transactions binder)))
(if (or (null earliest)
- (local-time< (xact-date xact) earliest))
+ (timestamp< (xact-date xact) earliest))
(setf earliest (xact-date xact)))
(if (or (null latest)
- (local-time> (xact-date xact) latest))
+ (timestamp> (xact-date xact) latest))
(setf latest (xact-date xact))))
(time-range :begin earliest :end latest :end-inclusive-p t)))
4 core/valexpr.lisp
@@ -416,9 +416,9 @@
(if (char= #\= (peek-char nil in))
(read-char in)
- (make-comparator function local-time>= value>=
+ (make-comparator function timestamp>= value>=
"'>=' operator not followed by argument"))
- (make-comparator function local-time> value>
+ (make-comparator function timestamp> value>
"'>' operator not followed by argument")))
4 transforms/filter.lisp
@@ -117,12 +117,12 @@
(or string fixed-time)
,#'(lambda (value)
- (fixed-time-matcher value #'local-time>=)))
+ (fixed-time-matcher value #'timestamp>=)))
(or string fixed-time)
,#'(lambda (value)
- (fixed-time-matcher value #'local-time<=)))
+ (fixed-time-matcher value #'timestamp<=)))
(or string time-range) ,#'time-range-matcher)
4 transforms/subtotal.lisp
@@ -16,10 +16,10 @@
;; Remember the earliest and latest transactions in the set, so that
;; we can create a meaningful display name for the grouped entry.
(if (or (null earliest-date)
- (local-time< (xact-date xact) earliest-date))
+ (timestamp< (xact-date xact) earliest-date))
(setf earliest-date (xact-date xact)))
(if (or (null latest-date)
- (local-time> (xact-date xact) latest-date))
+ (timestamp> (xact-date xact) latest-date))
(setf latest-date (xact-date xact)))
(account-set-value account
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