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;;; org-devonthink.el - Support for links to dtp messages by Message-ID
;; version 1.1, by John Wiegley <>
(require 'org)
(org-add-link-type "dtp" 'org-dtp-open)
;(add-hook 'org-store-link-functions 'org-dtp-store-link)
(defun org-dtp-open (record-location)
"Visit the dtp message with the given Message-ID."
(do-applescript (format "
tell application \"DEVONthink Pro\"
open window for record (get record at \"%s\")
end tell" (replace-regexp-in-string "%20" " " record-location))))
(defun org-insert-dtp-link ()
(let ((name (read (do-applescript (format "
tell application \"DEVONthink Pro\"
get name of content record
end tell"))))
(location (read (do-applescript (format "
tell application \"DEVONthink Pro\"
get location of content record
end tell")))))
(insert (org-make-link-string
(concat "dtp://" (concat location name)) name))))
(defun org-dtp-store-link ()
"Store a link to an dtp e-mail message by Message-ID."
(let ((link-name
:type "dtp"
:link (cons (concat "dtp:" link-name)
(concat "dtp:" link-name))
:description (file-name-nondirectory link-name))))
(provide 'org-devonthink)
;;; org-devonthink.el ends here
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