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;;; xml-rpc.el -- An elisp implementation of clientside XML-RPC
;; Copyright (C) 2001 CodeFactory AB.
;; Copyright (C) 2001 Daniel Lundin.
;; Copyright (C) 2006 Shun-ichi Goto
;; Modified for non-ASCII character handling.
;; Copyright (C) 2007 Wickersheimer Jeremy <>
;; Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Mark A. Hershberger
;; Author: Daniel Lundin <>
;; Maintainer: Mark A. Hershberger <>
;; Version: 1.6.4
;; Created: May 13 2001
;; Keywords: xml rpc network
;; URL:
;; This file is NOT (yet) part of GNU Emacs.
;; This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;; This is an XML-RPC client implementation in elisp, capable of both
;; synchronous and asynchronous method calls (using the url package's async
;; retrieval functionality).
;; XML-RPC is remote procedure calls over HTTP using XML to describe the
;; function call and return values.
;; xml-rpc.el represents XML-RPC datatypes as lisp values, automatically
;; converting to and from the XML datastructures as needed, both for method
;; parameters and return values, making using XML-RPC methods fairly
;; transparent to the lisp code.
;; Requirements
;; ------------
;; xml-rpc.el uses the url package for http handling and xml.el for XML
;; parsing. url is a part of the W3 browser package (but now as a separate
;; module in the CVS repository).
;; xml.el is a part of GNU Emacs 21, but can also be downloaded from
;; here: <URL:>
;; XML-RPC datatypes are represented as follows
;; --------------------------------------------
;; int: 42
;; float/double: 42.0
;; string: "foo"
;; array: '(1 2 3 4) '(1 2 3 (4.1 4.2))
;; struct: '(("name" . "daniel") ("height" . 6.1))
;; struct with array values: '(:struct "name" "daniel" "john" "riek")
;; Examples
;; ========
;; Here follows some examples demonstrating the use of xml-rpc.el
;; Normal synchronous operation
;; ----------------------------
;; (xml-rpc-method-call "http://localhost:80/RPC" 'foo-method foo bar zoo)
;; Asynchronous example (cb-foo will be called when the methods returns)
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; (defun cb-foo (foo)
;; (print (format "%s" foo)))
;; (xml-rpc-method-call-async 'cb-foo "http://localhost:80/RPC"
;; 'foo-method foo bar zoo)
;; Some real world working examples for fun and play
;; -------------------------------------------------
;; Check the temperature (celsius) outside's apartment
;; (xml-rpc-method-call
;; ""
;; 'onewire.getTemp)
;; Fetch the latest NetBSD news the past 5 days from O'reillynet
;; (xml-rpc-method-call ""
;; 'meerkat.getItems
;; '(("channel" . 1024)
;; ("search" . "/NetBSD/")
;; ("time_period" . "5DAY")
;; ("ids" . 0)
;; ("descriptions" . 200)
;; ("categories" . 0)
;; ("channels" . 0)
;; ("dates" . 0)
;; ("num_items" . 5)))
;;; History:
;; 1.6.3 - Updated to handle vectors and ISO Dates
;; (Thanks Wickersheimer Jeremy <>!)
;; - Modified to allow non-ASCII string again.
;; It can handle non-ASCII page name and comment
;; on Emacs 21 also.
;; - Modified to allow non-ASCII string.
;; If xml-rpc-allow-unicode-string is non-nil,
;; make 'value' object instead of 'base64' object.
;; This is good for WikiRPC.
;; 1.6.2 - Fix whitespace issues to work better with new xml.el
;; Fix bug in string handling.
;; Add support for gzip-encoding when needed.
;; 1.6.1 - base64 support added.
;; url-insert-entities-in-string done on string types now.
;; 1.6 - Fixed dependencies (remove w3, add cl).
;; Move string-to-boolean and boolean-to-string into xml-rpc namespace.
;; Fix bug in xml-rpc-xml-to-response where non-existent var was.
;; More tweaking of "Connection: close" header.
;; Fix bug in xml-rpc-request-process-buffer so that this works with
;; different mixes of the url.el code.
;; 1.5.1 - Added Andrew J Cosgriff's patch to make the
;; xml-rpc-clean-string function work in XEmacs.
;; 1.5 - Added headers to the outgoing url-retreive-synchronously
;; so that it would close connections immediately on completion.
;; 1.4 - Added conditional debugging code. Added version tag.
;; 1.2 - Better error handling. The documentation didn't match
;; the code. That was changed so that an error was
;; signaled. Also, better handling of various and
;; different combinations of xml.el and url.el.
;; 1.1 - Added support for boolean types. If the type of a
;; returned value is not specified, string is assumed
;; 1.0 - First version
;;; Code:
(defun xml-rpc-clean-string (s)
(if (string-match "\\`[ \t\n\r]*\\'" s)
;"^[ \t\n]*$" s)
(require 'custom)
(require 'xml)
(require 'url)
(require 'cl))
(defcustom xml-rpc-load-hook nil
"*Hook run after loading xml-rpc."
:type 'hook :group 'xml-rpc)
(defcustom xml-rpc-allow-unicode-string t
"If non-nil, non-ASCII data is composed as 'value' instead of 'base64'.
And this option overrides `xml-rpc-base64-encode-unicode' and
`xml-rpc-base64-decode-unicode' if set as non-nil."
:type 'boolean :group 'xml-rpc)
(defcustom xml-rpc-base64-encode-unicode t
"If non-nil, then strings with non-ascii characters will be turned
into Base64."
:type 'boolean :group 'xml-rpc)
(defcustom xml-rpc-base64-decode-unicode t
"If non-nil, then base64 strings will be decoded using the
utf-8 coding system."
:type 'boolean :group 'xml-rpc)
(defcustom xml-rpc-debug 0
"Set this to 1 or greater to avoid killing temporary buffers.
Set it higher to get some info in the *Messages* buffer")
(defconst xml-rpc-version "1.6"
"Current Version of xml-rpc.el")
;; Value type handling functions
(defun xml-rpc-value-datep (value)
"Return t if VALUE is a date."
(string-match "[0-9]\\{8\\}T\\([0-9]\\{2\\}:\\)\\{2\\}[0-9]\\{2\\}" value))
(defun xml-rpc-value-intp (value)
"Return t if VALUE is an integer."
(integerp value))
(defun xml-rpc-value-doublep (value)
"Return t if VALUE is a double precision number."
(floatp value))
(defun xml-rpc-value-stringp (value)
"Return t if VALUE is a string."
(stringp value))
(defun xml-rpc-value-booleanp (value)
"Return t if VALUE is a boolean"
(or (eq value nil)
(eq value t)))
(defun xml-rpc-string-to-boolean (value)
"Return t if VALUE is a boolean"
(or (string-equal value "true") (string-equal value "1")))
(defun xml-rpc-caddar-safe (list)
(car-safe (cdr-safe (cdr-safe (car-safe list)))))
;; An XML-RPC struct is a list where every car is one one of:
;; 1. a list of length 1 or 2 and has a string for car.
;; 2. a list with the property :struct as a 1st member
(defsubst xml-rpc-value-structp (value)
"Return t if VALUE is an XML-RPC struct."
(and (listp value)
(let ((vals value)
(result t)
(while (and vals result)
(setq result (and
(setq curval (car-safe vals))
(or (and (listp curval) (symbolp (car curval)) (string= (car curval) :struct))
(and (memq (safe-length curval) '(1 2))
(stringp (car-safe curval))))))
(setq vals (cdr-safe vals)))
;; A somewhat lazy predicate for arrays
(defsubst xml-rpc-value-arrayp (value)
"Return t if VALUE is an XML-RPC struct."
(and (listp value)
(not (xml-rpc-value-structp value))))
(defun xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value (xml-list)
"Convert an XML-RPC structure in an xml.el style XML-LIST to an elisp list, \
interpreting and simplifying it while retaining its structure."
((and (xml-rpc-caddar-safe xml-list)
(listp (car-safe (cdr-safe (cdr-safe (car-safe xml-list))))))
(setq valtype (car (caddar xml-list))
valvalue (caddr (caddar xml-list)))
;; Base64
((eq valtype 'base64)
(if xml-rpc-base64-decode-unicode
(decode-coding-string (base64-decode-string valvalue) 'utf-8)
(base64-decode-string valvalue)))
;; Boolean
((eq valtype 'boolean)
(xml-rpc-string-to-boolean valvalue))
;; String
((eq valtype 'string)
;; Integer
((eq valtype 'int)
(string-to-int valvalue))
;; Double/float
((eq valtype 'double)
(string-to-number valvalue))
;; Struct
((eq valtype 'struct)
(mapcar (lambda (member)
(let ((membername (cadr (cdaddr member)))
(membervalue (xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value (cdddr member))))
(cons membername membervalue)))
(cddr (caddar xml-list))))
;; Fault
((eq valtype 'fault)
(let* ((struct (xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value (list valvalue)))
(fault-string (cdr (assoc "faultString" struct)))
(fault-code (cdr (assoc "faultCode" struct))))
(list 'fault fault-code fault-string)))
;; DateTime
((eq valtype 'dateTime\.iso8601)
;; Array
((eq valtype 'array)
(mapcar (lambda (arrval)
(xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value (list arrval)))
(cddr valvalue)))))
((xml-rpc-caddar-safe xml-list))))
(defun xml-rpc-boolean-to-string (value)
"Convert a boolean value to a string"
(if value
(defun xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list (value)
"Return XML representation of VALUE properly formatted for use with the \
functions in xml.el."
; ((not value)
; nil)
((xml-rpc-value-booleanp value)
`((value nil (boolean nil ,(xml-rpc-boolean-to-string value)))))
;; might be a vector
((vectorp value)
(xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list (append value nil)))
((listp value)
(let ((result nil)
(xmlval nil))
(if (xml-rpc-value-structp value)
;; Value is a struct
(when (and (symbolp (caar value)) (string= (caar value) :struct))
(setq value (cons (cdar value) (cdr value))))
(setq xmlval `((member nil (name nil ,(caar value))
,(car (xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list
(cdar value)))))
result (if t (append result xmlval) (car xmlval))
value (cdr value))))
`((value nil ,(append '(struct nil) result))))
;; Value is an array
(while (setq xmlval (xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list (car value))
result (if result (append result xmlval)
value (cdr value)))
`((value nil (array nil ,(append '(data nil) result)))))))
;; Value is a scalar
((xml-rpc-value-intp value)
`((value nil (int nil ,(int-to-string value)))))
;; Value is a Date ...
((xml-rpc-value-datep value)
`((value nil (dateTime.iso8601 nil ,value))))
;; Value is a String
((xml-rpc-value-stringp value)
(let ((charset-list (find-charset-string value)))
(if (or xml-rpc-allow-unicode-string
(and (eq 1 (length charset-list))
(eq 'ascii (car charset-list)))
(not xml-rpc-base64-encode-unicode))
`((value nil (string nil ,(url-insert-entities-in-string value))))
`((value nil (base64 nil ,(base64-encode-string
(encode-coding-string value 'utf-8))))))))
((xml-rpc-value-doublep value)
`((value nil (double nil ,(number-to-string value)))))
`((value nil (base64 nil ,(base64-encode-string value)))))))
(defun xml-rpc-xml-to-string (xml)
"Return a string representation of the XML tree as valid XML markup."
(let ((tree (xml-node-children xml))
(result (concat "<" (symbol-name (xml-node-name xml)) ">")))
(while tree
((listp (car tree))
(setq result (concat result (xml-rpc-xml-to-string (car tree)))))
((stringp (car tree))
(setq result (concat result (car tree))))
(error "Invalid XML tree")))
(setq tree (cdr tree)))
(setq result (concat result "</" (symbol-name (xml-node-name xml)) ">"))
;; Response handling
(defsubst xml-rpc-response-errorp (response)
"An 'xml-rpc-method-call' result value is always a list, where the first \
element in RESPONSE is either nil or if an error occured, a cons pair \
according to (errnum . \"Error string\"),"
(eq 'fault (car-safe (caddar response))))
(defsubst xml-rpc-response-error-code (response)
"Return the error code from RESPONSE."
(and (xml-rpc-response-errorp response)
(nth 1 (xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value response))))
(defsubst xml-rpc-response-error-string (response)
"Return the error code from RESPONSE."
(and (xml-rpc-response-errorp response)
(nth 2 (xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value response))))
(defun xml-rpc-xml-to-response (xml)
"Convert an XML list to a method response list. An error is
signaled if there is a fault or if the response does not appear
to be an XML-RPC response (i.e. no methodResponse). Otherwise,
the parsed XML response is returned."
;; Check if we have a methodResponse
((not (eq (car-safe (car-safe xml)) 'methodResponse))
(setq xml-rpc-fault-string "No methodResponse found")
(setq xml-rpc-fault-code 0)
(error "No methodResponse found"))
;; Did we get a fault response
((xml-rpc-response-errorp xml)
(let ((resp (xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value xml)))
(setq xml-rpc-fault-string (nth 2 resp))
(setq xml-rpc-fault-code (nth 1 resp))
(error "XML-RPC fault `%s'" xml-rpc-fault-string)))
;; Interpret the XML list and produce a more useful data structure
(let ((valpart (cdr (cdaddr (caddar xml)))))
(setq xml-rpc-fault-string nil)
(setq xml-rpc-fault-code nil)
(xml-rpc-xml-list-to-value valpart)))))
;; Misc
(defun xml-rpc-get-temp-buffer-name ()
"Get a working buffer name such as ` *XML-RPC-<i>*' without a live process \
and empty it"
(let ((num 1)
name buf)
(while (progn (setq name (format " *XML-RPC-%d*" num)
buf (get-buffer name))
(and buf (or (get-buffer-process buf)
(save-excursion (set-buffer buf)
(> (point-max) 1)))))
(setq num (1+ num)))
;; Method handling
(defun xml-rpc-request (server-url xml &optional async-callback-function)
"Perform http post request to SERVER-URL using XML.
If ASYNC-CALLBACK-FUNCTION is non-nil, the request will be performed
asynchronously and ASYNC-CALLBACK-FUNCTION should be a callback function to
be called when the reuest is finished. ASYNC-CALLBACK-FUNCTION is called with
a single argument being an xml.el style XML list.
It returns an XML list containing the method response from the XML-RPC server,
or nil if called with ASYNC-CALLBACK-FUNCTION."
(let ((url-request-method "POST")
(url-package-name "xml-rpc.el")
(url-package-version xml-rpc-version)
(url-request-data (concat "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n"
(xml-print xml)
(when xml-rpc-allow-unicode-string
(point-min) (point-max) 'utf-8))
(url-mime-charset-string "utf-8;q=1, iso-8859-1;q=0.5")
(url-request-coding-system 'utf-8)
(url-http-attempt-keepalives t)
(url-request-extra-headers (list
;; (cons "Connection" "keep-alive")
(cons "Content-Type" "text/xml; charset=utf-8"))))
(if (> xml-rpc-debug 1)
(print url-request-data (create-file-buffer "request-data")))
(cond ((boundp 'url-be-asynchronous) ; Sniff for w3 lib capability
(if async-callback-function
(setq url-be-asynchronous t
url-current-callback-data (list
url-current-callback-func 'xml-rpc-request-callback-handler)
(setq url-be-asynchronous nil))
(url-retrieve server-url t)
(if url-be-asynchronous
(let ((result (xml-rpc-request-process-buffer
(if (> xml-rpc-debug 1)
(set-buffer (create-file-buffer "result-data"))
(insert result)))
(t ; Post emacs20 w3-el
(if async-callback-function
(url-retrieve server-url async-callback-function)
(let ((buffer (url-retrieve-synchronously server-url))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(if (not (numberp url-http-response-status))
;; this error may occur when keep-alive bug
;; of url-http.el is not cleared.
(error "Why? url-http-response-status is %s"
(if (> url-http-response-status 299)
(error "Error during request: %s"
(url-mark-buffer-as-dead buffer))
(xml-rpc-request-process-buffer buffer)))))))))
(defun xml-rpc-clean (l)
((listp l)
(let ((remain l)
(result nil))
(while l
; iterate
(setq elem (car l)
l (cdr l))
; test the head
; a string, so clean it.
((stringp elem)
(let ((tmp (xml-rpc-clean-string elem)))
(if (and tmp xml-rpc-allow-unicode-string)
(setq tmp (decode-coding-string tmp 'utf-8)))
(if tmp
(setq result (append result (list tmp)))
; a list, so recurse.
((listp elem)
(setq result (append result (list (xml-rpc-clean elem)))))
; everthing else, as is.
(setq result (append result (list elem))))))
((stringp l) ; will returning nil be acceptable ?
(defun xml-rpc-request-process-buffer (xml-buffer)
"Process buffer XML-BUFFER."
(set-buffer xml-buffer)
(when (fboundp 'url-uncompress)
(goto-char (point-min))
(search-forward-regexp "<\\?xml" nil t)
(move-to-column 0)
;; Gather the results
(let* ((status url-http-response-status)
(result (cond
;; A probable XML response
((looking-at "<\\?xml ")
(xml-rpc-clean (xml-parse-region (point-min) (point-max))))
;; No HTTP status returned
((not status)
(let ((errstart
(search-forward "\n---- Error was: ----\n")))
(and errstart
(buffer-substring errstart (point-max)))))
;; Maybe they just gave us an the XML w/o PI?
((search-forward "<methodResponse>" nil t)
(xml-rpc-clean (xml-parse-region (match-beginning 0)
;; Valid HTTP status
(int-to-string status)))))
(defun xml-rpc-request-callback-handler (callback-fun xml-buffer)
"Marshall a callback function request to CALLBACK-FUN with the results \
handled from XML-BUFFER."
(let ((xml-response (xml-rpc-request-process-buffer xml-buffer)))
(if (< xml-rpc-debug 1)
(kill-buffer xml-buffer))
(funcall callback-fun (xml-rpc-xml-to-response xml-response))))
(defun xml-rpc-method-call-async (async-callback-func server-url method
&rest params)
"Call an XML-RPC method asynchronously at SERVER-URL named METHOD with \
PARAMS as parameters. When the method returns, ASYNC-CALLBACK-FUNC will be \
called with the result as parameter."
(let* ((m-name (if (stringp method)
(symbol-name method)))
(m-params (mapcar '(lambda (p)
`(param nil ,(car (xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list
(if async-callback-func
(car-safe params))))
(m-func-call `((methodCall nil (methodName nil ,m-name)
,(append '(params nil) m-params)))))
(if (> xml-rpc-debug 1)
(print m-func-call (create-file-buffer "func-call")))
(xml-rpc-request server-url m-func-call async-callback-func)))
(defun xml-rpc-method-call (server-url method &rest params)
"Call an XML-RPC method at SERVER-URL named METHOD with PARAMS as \
(let ((response
(xml-rpc-method-call-async nil server-url method params)))
(cond ((stringp response)
(list (cons nil (concat "URL/HTTP Error: " response))))
(xml-rpc-xml-to-response response)))))
(unless (fboundp 'xml-print)
(defun xml-debug-print (xml &optional indent-string)
"Outputs the XML in the current buffer.
XML can be a tree or a list of nodes.
The first line is indented with the optional INDENT-STRING."
(setq indent-string (or indent-string ""))
(dolist (node xml)
(xml-debug-print-internal node indent-string)))
(defalias 'xml-print 'xml-debug-print)
(defun xml-debug-print-internal (xml indent-string)
"Outputs the XML tree in the current buffer.
The first line is indented with INDENT-STRING."
(let ((tree xml)
(insert indent-string ?< (symbol-name (xml-node-name tree)))
;; output the attribute list
(setq attlist (xml-node-attributes tree))
(while attlist
(insert ?\ (symbol-name (caar attlist)) "=\"" (cdar attlist) ?\")
(setq attlist (cdr attlist)))
(setq tree (xml-node-children tree))
(if (null tree)
(insert ?/ ?>)
(insert ?>)
;; output the children
(dolist (node tree)
((listp node)
(insert ?\n)
(xml-debug-print-internal node (concat indent-string " ")))
((stringp node) (insert node))
(error "Invalid XML tree"))))
(when (not (and (null (cdr tree))
(stringp (car tree))))
(insert ?\n indent-string))
(insert ?< ?/ (symbol-name (xml-node-name xml)) ?>))))))
(provide 'xml-rpc)
;;; xml-rpc.el ends here
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