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jwiegley committed Jun 14, 2012
1 parent af0b306 commit a18f3bcdc9ecd1a40105caf65a73c893f84375e4
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  1. +32 −0 lisp/my-one-key.el
  2. +1,307 −0 site-lisp/one-key.el
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+(require 'one-key)
+(defmacro setup-one-key (key title)
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert "(progn")
+ (one-key-insert-template key title)
+ (insert (format "(global-set-key (kbd \"%s\") 'one-key-menu-%s)"
+ (regexp-quote key) title))
+ (insert ")")
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (read (current-buffer))))
+(setup-one-key "M-s" "search")
+(setup-one-key "M-g" "goto")
+(setup-one-key "C-h e" "emacs-help")
+(setup-one-key "C-x a" "abbrevs")
+;; (setup-one-key "C-x c" "helm")
+(setup-one-key "C-x j" "bmkp")
+(setup-one-key "C-x r" "bookmarks-and-rectangles")
+(setup-one-key "C-x X" "edebug")
+(setup-one-key "C-x 4" "other-window")
+(setup-one-key "C-x 5" "other-frame")
+(setup-one-key "C-x 6" "two-columns")
+(setup-one-key "C-x C-k" "kmacro")
+(setup-one-key "C-x C-p" "pages")
+(setup-one-key "C-c e" "emacs-lisp")
+(setup-one-key "C-c i" "flyspell")
+(setup-one-key "C-c t" "tags")
+(setup-one-key "C-c x" "org-mode")
+(setup-one-key "C-c w" "yaoddmuse")
+(setup-one-key "C-c y" "yasnippet")
+(setup-one-key "C-\\" "workgroups")
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