Commits on Feb 18, 2017
  1. Update lisp/use-package

    committed Feb 18, 2017
Commits on Feb 16, 2017
  1. changes

    committed Feb 16, 2017
Commits on Feb 14, 2017
  1. changes

    committed Feb 14, 2017
Commits on Feb 12, 2017
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/magithub/' changes from 8ca3469eff..8fe2dab467

    8fe2dab467 Make `magithub-clone' a little prettier and more flexible
    58bd5eb2f5 Oops!
    7521c10e2b Support for default cloning destinations
    146362ff7c Fix issue when retrieving :body
    6ec4aaafc4 Generalize issue retrieval
    bb78ab54c9 Default to upstream's URL if no proxy
    176b1b2464 Add support for proxy repositories for issue/PR retrieval
    86b1398207 Add ability to run commands under a different repo context
    6880e5efb7 Document `magithub-features'; don't show messages so often
    dc03f31edb Change PR checkout binding from `b p` to `b P`
    fab1840ed2 Add feature pull-request-checkout
    c6d2bca2ac Notify a list of features instead of just one feature
    ac732bbaa9 Mention `magithub-feature-autoinject'
    0ad1a1c2d2 Notify when done merging the pull request
    fe2042348b Add ability to merge pull requests locally
    c9bff98896 Use `browse-url' to open the repo homepage
    0f286872e7 Wrap issue titles
    55ef2b6941 Merge pull request #57 from tarsius/silencio
    b99c2a6703 Merge branch 'master' into silencio
    073b966f8d Merge pull request #60 from wbolster/warning-face-inheritance
    2b6fd9349d make warning face inherit from built-in warning face
    3cd4a5d88b Require s in libraries that use it
    43bff16701 Merge pull request #53 from alphapapa/ping-without-dns
    14e16f9615 Ping with -n to avoid slow DNS lookups
    78b1046f5c Check to see if the API is available before doing anything
    4ad3120ac3 Handle multiple CI statuses
    98f0ee96fa Store information about the pull request at checkout
    23d7b726b5 Allow checking out pull request branches
    59949fcf70 Implement columns for magit-repolist-mode
    8373502f18 Reduce duplication in issue/PR lists
    cde694e427 Merge branch 'master' of
    3591c58a76 Merge branch 'develop'
    ae1ec1cd4b Merge pull request #50 from syohex/cleanup-dependency
    e55375c95f Clean up dependencies
    4fa5e18370 Favor named {if,when}-let forms
    24212c7f22 More accurately detect when we're inside a git repo
    ddf28add19 Update magit-status screenshot
    60c61f1b19 Use --when-let and --if-let macros where appropriate
    38a61a21c4 Fix issue/pr refresh
    cc8e95a048 Pull out pull requests into their own section
    a08686afb8 Abstract 'toggleable' sections
    dd34b50430 Intelligently cancel Issues section
    8952357fd9 `with-editor' requires 24.4
    687b4a775c Update .travis.yml
    36f1b9ee36 Handle fresh sessions
    833a1cd65c Fix arg order issue
    bf89892ff9 Take care of some compile issues
    2757d12cf7 Fix small bug in issue discrimination
    a118bb8421 Prevent CI URL bleeding
    ee45f3b76b Move variables/constants to top of file
    8e8bc0dded Nix
    595d67392b Handle mulptiple CI URLs
    8d385584e6 Handle pending statuses, hopefully
    3585fb19c4 Clear the cache appropritely in magithub-refresh
    2d47625e39 Handle 'no status', however hackily
    8e99a5bec6 Update CI handling for new hub version
    bcb01dab35 Support more recent versions of `hub'
    36a0182f50 Merge pull request #38 from aecay/patch-2
    50dfd87cb5 Fix error when remote "origin" is absent
    7be8c823c5 Don't add the magithub-issues hook if no hub
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/magithub
    git-subtree-split: 8fe2dab4672d0a7615bd2a66d308e325ed3395bc
    committed Feb 12, 2017
  2. changes

    committed Feb 12, 2017
Commits on Jan 23, 2017
  1. Added submodule lisp/chess

    committed Jan 23, 2017
  2. Update erc-yank

    committed Jan 23, 2017
  3. Remove emacs-chess files

    committed Jan 23, 2017
Commits on Jan 20, 2017
  1. Added submodule lisp/erc-yank

    committed Jan 20, 2017
  2. Remove erc-yank

    committed Jan 20, 2017
  3. Several minor changes

    committed Jan 20, 2017
  4. Remove lisp/git-annex-el

    committed Jan 20, 2017
Commits on Jan 17, 2017
Commits on Jan 14, 2017
  1. Re-enable the erc-hide-list

    committed Jan 14, 2017
Commits on Jan 13, 2017
Commits on Jan 8, 2017
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/json-snatcher/' changes from 9558508192..c4cecc0a50

    c4cecc0a50 Merge pull request #5 from dougm/jq
    9434509b05 Add jq flavored version of jsons-print-path
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/json-snatcher
    git-subtree-split: c4cecc0a5051bd364373aa499c47a1bb7a5ac51c
    committed Jan 8, 2017
  2. Squashed 'site-lisp/json-reformat/' changes from 3e0e769c7a..8eb6668ed4

    8eb6668ed4 fix README
    24c2bf3c41 Merge pull request #29 from lunaryorn/patch-1
    1eb74b96ca Mark custom variables as safe for local variables
    b9bd375ec1 Bump version to 0.0.6
    1bbb7b2d44 Merge branch 'add_json-reformat-from-string'
    fcbd388de7 Correspond to Emacs 24.3 or earlier `define error`
    0200f1f9b4 Add `json-reformat-from-string`
    4e95c11174 Bump version to 0.0.5
    31ebd4c298 Merge pull request #27 from kosh04/pre-check-read-only
    a3506b3688 Signal error when buffer read-only
    dbec22e76d Merge pull request #26 from syohex/load-subr-x
    16fda2d6ac Load subr-x for using hash-table-keys
    b957411bda Bump version to 0.0.4
    f6023a7d98 Refactoring
    ae7ec19313 Merge pull request #24 from gongo/hash-table
    947dee673e 🍕
    2c064b7c28 Allow failure on emacs-snapshot
    c3f10dead7 Change json-encode-char0 to encode-char
    9140a12145 Add `hash-table-keys` for 24.3 or older
    bcb437bc77 Enable `Build pushes` when only master
    fa0a5fa751 Add test for distinguishable `{}` and null
    04e9c50b8a Change `json-object-type` plist to hash-table GH-24
    61ac0c59a6 Bump version to 0.0.3
    3479b6b1a8 Merge pull request #22 from gongo/description-about-same_question
    ab25fd827d Add description about FAQ (slash-quoted)
    368862f994 Merge pull request #20 from gongo/display_error_information
    91c000042e Display error information when occurs JSON parse error GH-19
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/json-reformat
    git-subtree-split: 8eb6668ed447988aea06467ba8f42e1f2178246f
    committed Jan 8, 2017
  3. Add configuration

    committed Jan 8, 2017
Commits on Jan 6, 2017
  1. Squashed 'lib/uuidgen-el/' content from commit 7eb9641548

    git-subtree-dir: lib/uuidgen-el
    git-subtree-split: 7eb96415484c3854a3f383d1a3e10b87ae674e22
    committed Jan 6, 2017
  2. Squashed 'lib/emacs-web-server/' content from commit 469cd3bc11

    git-subtree-dir: lib/emacs-web-server
    git-subtree-split: 469cd3bc117bfb8da0c03a2a2fb185e80c81d068
    committed Jan 6, 2017
  3. Squashed 'site-lisp/json-mode/' changes from 0f7fd44769..e8ba0c03c5

    e8ba0c03c5 Merge pull request #42 from zonuexe/fix/autoload-jsonld
    f0a2abaf2a Fix autoload cookie missing
    9ba01b868a Merge pull request #41 from prvteprts/prvteprts/emacs23_fix
    19c5324b62 Use `split-window-vertically` if `split-window-below` is not defined.
    250c622922 Merge pull request #40 from syohex/update-repo
    4845e25884 Update repository information
    d7ad66a97b Merge pull request #39 from davidshen84/master
    054aab2ca1 Merge pull request #1 from davidshen84/davidshen84-#38
    7bd6118fba #38, enable encoding by default
    ce275e004d change version numbers of deps so we get the correct version in melpa stable
    8646af183a Merge pull request #29 from petere/json-reformat-indent-width
    c3be51fc8a Set json-reformat:indent-width to match js-indent-level
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/json-mode
    git-subtree-split: e8ba0c03c5c10f61b8f0b3f5d531ef1d80dec9b0
    committed Jan 6, 2017
  4. Add new modules

    committed Jan 6, 2017
  5. Squashed 'lib/emacs-websocket/' content from commit fbd9e2263d

    git-subtree-dir: lib/emacs-websocket
    git-subtree-split: fbd9e2263d2d7168aae31d4f8bde38f511e9d2ec
    committed Jan 6, 2017
  6. Merge commit 'ebaf677346c93992c066168e648c439e24aecc61' as 'site-lisp…

    committed Jan 6, 2017