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Commits on May 24, 2016
  1. Configuration updates

    committed May 24, 2016
Commits on Apr 26, 2016
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/nnreddit/' content from commit 9843f99

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/nnreddit
    git-subtree-split: 9843f99d01fd8f1eea2fc685965a7c7f4eeb187a
    committed Apr 26, 2016
  2. Make use of nnreddit

    committed Apr 26, 2016
  3. Gnus changes

    committed Apr 26, 2016
Commits on Apr 22, 2016
Commits on Apr 21, 2016
  1. Minor whitespace change

    committed Apr 21, 2016
  2. Add use of restclient

    committed Apr 21, 2016
  3. Squashed 'site-lisp/restclient/' changes from 335989b..224d4e2

    224d4e2 Fix for #121
    86bcd25 Merge pull request #118 from purcell/patch-1
    0936f8c Declare package dependencies on restclient and helm
    851624d Added links to 3rd party packages
    5e7a8fb Fixed dependency on helm
    d31c56b Merge pull request #116 from syohex/fix-package
    4f14bb5 Fix for older Emacs
    64e6a96 Load helm-utils for using helm-goto-line
    f473ac6 Correct package name and package description
    d968378 Helm support added
    c21cd32 File uploads and customizable font lock faces
    1f9bd11 Variables improvements:
    6d55382 Merge pull request #112 from greenonion/document-localhost-error
    4f8eb30 Update README with localhost issues
    2075b17 Merge pull request #108 from munen/master
    2d55f97 Replace Twitter API example with Github API
    27e1adb Merge pull request #107 from tarsius/silencio
    c6d0ffb silence byte-compiler on Emacs v25
    2db4b48 Merge pull request #106 from dochang/kill-before-renaming
    b426db8 Kill the target buffer if it exists before renaming buffer.
    9456886 Fixed error when pressing C-c C-n or C-c C-p at the end of buffer
    5b04c81 Merge pull request #102 from glucas/master
    b974fdd Fix restclient-jump-next, issue #89
    62c65e8 Merge pull request #99 from iamjarvo/readme-change
    6ec2d0b Update headers example
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/restclient
    git-subtree-split: 224d4e2ec8e195bba80cae3278f481b1e92ab3e0
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  4. Squashed 'site-lisp/projectile/' changes from af5a952..025bd85

    025bd85 [Fix #1002] Add a safe-local property to projectile-globally-ignored-directories
    bd68bf4 Let user override ignored files
    b93775e Use the ISO date format in the changelog
    d397777 Merge pull request #984 from Wilfred/changing_symlinks
    11a982b Merge pull request #990 from akermu/fix_edit_dir_locals
    0921e6e Merge pull request #993 from alphapapa/patch-1
    0d9b11d Clarify initial usage instructions
    f672a3a Fix projectile-skel-dir-locals
    4eab3ef Merge pull request #988 from justbur/ivy-read
    83c47b8 projectile.el: ivy-completing-read -> ivy-read
    2bc6105 Ignore cached project roots that point to nonexistent directories
    63d4f3f Add an issue and a PR template
    f8392cb Merge pull request #983 from Wilfred/master
    f0052be `etags-tags-completion-table` should return an obarray on Emacs 24.
    53cf488 Mention the new commands in the changelog
    50c66c7 Merge pull request #973 from danskarda/run-shell
    5c5c54e Add a commands to run shell in project's root directory
    d166251 Merge pull request #957 from jbenden/cache-current-file-has-no-file-assoc
    2100025 Fix nil file name for buffer when projectile-cache-current-file
    397d4db Merge pull request #981 from spwhitton/apt-get
    0cccf6d Debian and Ubuntu installation instructions
    077ecc7 Merge pull request #977 from seanfisk/projectile-replace-regexp
    e9311eb Merge pull request #976 from jaseemabid/rebar
    031a56b [Fix #576] Implement `projectile-replace-regexp'
    c72c272 Improve rebar support
    9d351a8 [Fix #727] Handle ignored file suffixes in grep
    5d7dbe2 Merge pull request #974 from holguinj/assoc-cc-and-hpp
    c778d8b Associate .cc and .hpp files for C++
    cf2ce31 Add autoload cookies to all commands that didn't have one
    5d63516 Fix indentation
    700d112 Bump the development version
    932b16d Merge pull request #968 from spwhitton/fix-cleanup-known-projects-test
    9294f48 Fix test of `projectile-cleanup-known-projects'
    7c484a5 Merge pull request #963 from Wilfred/mention_remove_known_project
    7776c1d Mention interactive functions for cleaning up known project list.
    677a897 Merge pull request #860 from timcharper/master
    af143e8 [Fix #952] Exclude out-of-project VCS submodules
    cbefdc4 Merge pull request #956 from sandor-juhasz/fix-toggle-impl-test
    1c55e4e Fix the changelog link in
    733cbcf Merge pull request #961 from Gei0r/master
    f39d749 Make projectile work with fossil ls
    b898cae [Fix #955] Handle match candidates in project root
    543841e Merge pull request #954 from jguenther/fix-find-matching-file
    e52d715 Make projectile-find-matching-{test|file} respect `projectile-test-{prefix/suffix}-function`
    1559ea1 [Fix #942] Add projectile-grep-finished-hook
    d61d123 Cleanup the file-local root functionality
    57f92a2 Merge branch 'file-local-root' of into ibrahima-file-local-root
    7e49947 Merge pull request #946 from fommil/patch-1
    d10e831 Backport Emacs 25 `etags-tags-completion-table'.
    8c6b4b4 Merge pull request #944 from akermu/edit_dir-locals
    9280c44 Allow setting projectile root as a file local variable
    f8be670 Edit .dir-locals.el file of a project
    68f8f0c Merge pull request #937 from mdorman/remove-affix
    e035044 Merge pull request #940 from caioaao/fix-find-file-advice
    b2e4756 Merge pull request #941 from ehartc/patch-1
    7abff7d Update readme with description of custom project names
    e55b08f Add a missing space
    94d9a11 Update the copyright years
    4648a21 Stop advice from overriding original function
    89bc880 Merge pull request #938 from mdorman/cask-project
    d98171f Add very basic emacs Cask project support
    d1cd1fa Check prefix *and* suffix when finding test files
    b9e76f9 [Fix #927] Add a command to switch between open projects
    a8cb665 Merge pull request #936 from fommil/etags-select
    f01c2cd Prefer external find-tag implementations
    58ff137 Merge pull request #935 from fommil/quiet-ag
    a200f12 Do not pass ignore list to ag in git projects
    569c8dc Update cask's URL
    591d230 Update grizzl's URL
    537691e Merge pull request #928 from fvaresi/custom-project-name
    fdd6b2f Add support to specify the project name
    55c2d27 Merge pull request #934 from StreakyCobra/bugfix/918
    27585ba [Fix #918] Add relation between h, cxx, ixx, hxx
    2a55bc5 Remove a reference to helm-projectile
    be9c0ed Merge pull request #932 from 501st-alpha1/fix-persp-ext-link
    08e8980 Fix link to perspective.el integration
    5b2846b Fix a heading
    41fa5f8 Add a section about extensions
    c9831f1 Add missing space
    3e20775 Add a note about the mode line for remote files
    c290bb0 Add missing dot
    6274960 Drop mention of the dead website
    1ab2ef1 Remove an outdated caveat
    54111b5 Move persp-projectile to a separate repo
    aff0dc2 Move helm-projectile to a separate repo
    2ace1bd [Fix #861] Consider TAGS and GTAGS root markers
    b11e141 [#893] Don't use a dynamic modeline for remote files
    05058b1 Improve some docstrings a bit
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/projectile
    git-subtree-split: 025bd85b713e79bd8ad3bc3a8ad8ea7e0175ee7e
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  5. Squashed 'site-lisp/helm-swoop/' changes from c15898a..fd01dac

    fd01dac Merge branch 'void-variable'
    d0749f9 Declare helm-swoop-last-prefix-number as buffer local variable
    002338d Add delete all lines feature in edit mode
    a1ba09b Add helm-swoop-symble-pre-input
    1adea52 Add target word flash after done searching
    b36dff9 Add helm-swoop-without-pre-input
    823539b Fix clearing cache with narrow-to-defun/page
    1c750a2 Fix bug on helm-swoop-yank-thing-at-point
    1ab95a0 Add multiline behavior on helm-multi-swoop(-all)
    1bf95af version 1.7.1
    d91cd4e Merge branch 'master' of
    a55d3e9 Merge pull request #89 from cosmicexplorer/master
    c1be2e2 Merge pull request #86 from cute-jumper/master
    5c60f42 avoid error when moving lines with no results
    50c005d Let isearch exit when the input is empty
    f2b6c39 Adjust fuzzy match variable
    9703a35 Merge branch 'master' of
    d953ad6 Merge pull request #83 from cosmicexplorer/master
    1ddaabf Fix: multiline function
    d7bf189 defcustom for helm-fuzzy-match/search
    8125026 version 1.7.0
    0ef60eb Support: fuzzy match & migemo plugin
    3f34024 Merge pull request #80 from cosmicexplorer/master
    88a0448 fix void-variable $buf introduced in b79c2152846c3
    b79c215 Merge pull request #78 from syohex/improve-action
    6788cca Don't show lambda in action list view
    072fe29 Fix: buffer `recenter'ing error
    41a0d06 Refactor advice position
    27ffa56 Add: helm-multi-swoop-current-mode-from-helm-swoop
    9d31bb5 Default Keymap: C-w helm-swoop-yank-thing-at-point
    a795aa1 Merge pull request #69 from ajsteven130/master
    90da8d4 update to include functions in . . . 66801
    7654592 ver 1.6.0
    01544c6 Add: helm-swoop-yank-thing-at-point
    1018592 Fix: clear cache for narrowed buffer
    cb17fea Refactor
    3b1175d Merge branch 'ajsteven130-master'
    68b05a5 removed duplicate get-buffers-matching-mode
    f21c2c2 helm-multi-swoop buffers by major-mode
    d834b05 v1.5.1 for Melpa Stable
    6c58f12 Add: highlight for helm buffer
    42066cc Merge branch 'fix-helm-match-plugin-mode'
    19d0228 Remove outdated reference to `helm-match-plugin-mode`
    f67fa8a Fix: byte-compile warning
    1442579 Silence byte-compile error
    aaf614f ver 1.5.0, melpa stable, melpa badge
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/helm-swoop
    git-subtree-split: fd01dac3d647544f4ca297ca9963859b07ebe354
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  6. Squashed 'site-lisp/helm-descbinds/' changes from 5d8e84e..3c34497

    3c34497 Improve documentation
    f8ef6e1 Handle keyboard macros
    871771c refine last commit: use run-with-timer to restart helm
    4bd4f9a Replace session when hitting RET on a prefix command
    5123948 More minor cleanup
    59d3087 A bit of cleanup.
    32de14b use lexical-binding
    90f4597 update copyright
    2e8a15d bump version to 1.9
    837e627 add .gitignore
    f5a5bf6 Merge pull request #17 from syohex/fix-doc
    f2c3f6f Update sample code
    0e45d3b Fix previous merge, reenable buffer-name.
    7bc7859 Merge branch 'xuchunyang-issue-12-allow-nest-helm-call'
    286b807 Merge pull request #13 from saidie/set_buffer_name
    cdfed86 Merge pull request #14 from xuchunyang/patch-1
    7d835ef Allow helm-descbinds within a running helm session (#12)
    1302a4a Add homepage URL to package header
    fc0c18e Highlight matches
    c307a9c Set buffer name
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/helm-descbinds
    git-subtree-split: 3c344979f1df0d1a5cc913674e56c4d45c346134
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  7. Squashed 'site-lisp/avy/' changes from 72ecbfa..53706d2

    53706d2 avy.el (avy-all-windows-alt): Change the default to nil
    4c072be (avy-goto-char-timer): Add entry
    5ba3602 Assign avy-action-ispell to "i"
    c0db364 Add avy-action-ispell to avy.el
    a80f95c Add "X" dispatch to kill a word without moving there
    9e61f78 avy.el: Improve defcustom :type
    3b75d95 Make "C-g" and "ESC" fail silently when reading char
    5f76c9d avy.el (avy-goto-word-0-regexp): New defcustom
    16370f9 avy.el (avy--goto): Remove obsolete alias
    730581a avy.el: Fix compilation warning
    5f6dd00 avy.el (avy-action-copy): Save window and frame
    11fbd70 Bump version
    369af59 avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix interaction with goto-address-mode
    15d0679 copy/move line to an initial window
    212a132 Don't shorten selector string for visual-line-mode and bolp
    dd80749 Add case fold search to avy-goto-char-timer
    808bb80 avy.el (avy--regex-candidates): Modify case-fold-search condition
    bae6fb1 avy.el (avy-copy-region): Keep same selectors for the second pass
    9d18bf9 avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix overlays at point-max
    47035cf avy.el (avy--line): Don't modify avy-action
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/avy
    git-subtree-split: 53706d2ebf8ea5d02e3d0229656f8e5369b9440a
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  8. Squashed 'site-lisp/swiper/' changes from 89ed4d6..a891df3

    a891df3 swiper.el (swiper--multi-candidates): Add check
    1d3f080 ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Allow "non-existing-dir//"
    5f58f9c counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Add safeguard to time-since
    d2a89ea doc/ Add a note on :predicate
    2fb8d86 ivy.el (ivy-done): Allow ivy-dispatching-done to exit with no cands
    6fae6e0 counsel.el (counsel-grep-or-swiper): Use swiper when narrowed
    d45ee54 Make the slash more magic during file name completion
    25e1444 ivy.el (ivy-use-ignore-default): New defcustom
    2ac1d2d ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Set counsel-grep-last-line to nil
    b5a9dc5 ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): file-directory-p needs a string
    ebd3fb9 Fix read-file-name with specified dir
    f72cea2 swiper.el (swiper-mc): Restore interactive
    2a13932 counsel.el (counsel-grep-or-swiper): New command
    265bf49 counsel.el: Fix compile warning
    63b96a1 Fix counsel-grep-last-line bug
    c4b9e25 Add much faster scrolling to counsel-grep
    a25e174 ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Add ignore-errors
    65cf724 Make ivy--regex work with "[^ ]"
    41e2e41 Clean-up previous change
    b48a09d Use Ivy to browse eshell and shell history entries
    6254e88 Allow a sexp node in ivy-views
    4ac3736 New feature: virtual views in ivy-switch-buffer
    119a151 Make "j"/"k" feedback more solid in ivy-occur buffers
    615dd90 counsel.el (counsel-grep-action): Work better from ivy-occur
    ca2b47f Add timing information to async commands
    327b85a counsel.el (counsel-expression-history): Add docstring
    31a2f86 counsel.el (counsel-expression-history): enable-recursive-minibuffers
    3dcb07d Allow to customize the action hint formatter
    e7f41bb swiper.el (swiper-mc): Remove interactive
    9899547 ivy.el (ivy-action): New face
    de0e541 Speed up counsel-grep by up to 40 times
    8c4f595 Fix remapping commit c9b6e0
    a9205fa counsel.el (counsel-expression-history): New command
    0b51e8e ivy.el (ivy-minibuffer-map): Fix "DEL"
    c9b6e02 Make sure user keybindings are respected
    341b5a2 counsel-grep should pick candidates closest to point
    b39e449 counsel.el (counsel-ag-map): Add
    46a00dc Modified ivy to pass predicate when selecting buffers
    3f4f080 counsel-ag now works with ivy-occur-revert-buffer
    6757030 counsel-grep now works with ivy-occur-revert-buffer
    8201f36 ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Improve for counsel-git-grep
    5ce2623 counsel.el (counsel-git): Add "j" action
    2bd092d ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Ensure inhibit-field-text-motion is nil
    8de2930 ivy.el: Improve "M-n"
    6777cf8 counsel.el (counsel-unquote-regex-parens): Improve
    44856a3 ivy.el (ivy-read): Revert abf880f
    1b4e819 ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Simplify
    c24b6de swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Improve "M-n"
    3177419 ivy.el (ivy-sort-functions-alist): Update :type
    4ebf0b4 ivy.el: Add `counsel-find-file' transformer.
    abf880f ivy.el (ivy-read): Make "M-o" not modify the action
    6ae91f7 Make ivy-set-sources work also for sync completion
    cf78d42 counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Add :caller
    67ac850 counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Add help action
    6fc36b5 option to add newline after ivy-read prompt
    b2d2b82 counsel.el (counsel-grep-action): Improve cleanup
    4998ba8 ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Use the "t" key of ivy-sort-functions-alist
    189c093 counsel.el (counsel-ace-link): New command
    6a8da39 counsel.el (counsel-grep-action): Reveal outlines
    dabd1f8 ivy.el (ivy-avy): Make "C-g" cancel gracefully
    ccbf9ef Improve counsel-async initial anchoring
    d7561d2 counsel.el: Reduce counsel-grep char req to 2
    8d04638 counsel.el: Fix breakage due to helm-rhythmbox
    6a5a688 counsel.el: Improve counsel-grep
    8dfff3e ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Improve
    d899181 Add a section on Contributing
    f0de338 ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix when ivy-text is a dir
    2ab9c54 ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-matcher): Fix
    6823518 swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Always remove '(field)
    e92d282 Make ivy-ignore-buffers similar to ido-ignore-buffers.
    41dfae6 ivy.el (ivy--format-function-generic): Fix doc
    7f6d39f counsel.el (counsel-linux-app-action-file): New action on "M-o f"
    a6cd189 counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-list): Skip spaces around =
    e6f92fd ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Add counsel-describe-function
    71644d9 ivy.el (ivy-read): Remove code that sets action index to 1
    c68d2cc ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Try ffap-file-at-point
    d8da9c4 counsel.el (counsel-mode): Allow use of describe-prefix-bindings
    6a00275 ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-occur): Add
    7cf13a7 counsel.el (counsel-linux-app): New command
    5765208 counsel.el (counsel-pt-base-command): Add regex flag
    692002d counsel.el (counsel-pt): Remove unused args
    0c5f68c counsel.el (counsel-pt): Add
    e8f516e counsel.el (counsel-ag): Add transformer
    4c81973 counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd-es): Fix regex
    07624b3 Fix compilation warnings
    e224847 ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix prompt / require-match issue
    d425392 Correctly expand the file name at point
    255457a Fixed counsel-list-processes-action-switch to use correct buffer.
    92b802f counsel.el (counsel-ag): Add dir prompt for "C-u"
    ac4bedf counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Bind "M-o f" to find-file-other-window
    6026caf counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd-es): Add
    5229ebe counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function-dir): Fix format
    5f0d175 counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function-dir): Make portable
    67224c0 counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function): New defcustom
    725e19a counsel.el (counsel-ag-occur): Add
    50f3092 counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Start refactor
    871f78c Add optional exit-code table to counsel--async-cmd
    591c8fe ivy.el (ivy-expand-file-if-directory): Fix "/ssh:" regression
    5c2c1df counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-map): Bind "C-c C-m" to counsel-git-grep-switch-cmd
    79f9cda counsel-ag: Fix escaping problem
    f1c7233 swiper.el (swiper-occur): Bind ivy--regex-function
    be06ae0 swiper.el: Add docstring
    63a77ba swiper.el (swiper-occur): Fix for non-file buffers
    ee27e27 ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Move code to swiper-occur
    1de78f3 Improve window handling for ivy-occur
    20f11b7 New command ivy-occur-revert-buffer bound to "g"
    e5b7218 Fix swiper not revealing org overlay when at heading body end
    f5a21db ivy.el: define setq-local and defvar-local unless defined
    9aa1f5c counsel.el (counsel-mode-map): Add counsel-M-x
    668aaf3 counsel.el: add outline for `counsel-mode'
    181cd43 Add counsel-mode
    2905d17 doc/ fix typos
    b7c40d3 ivy.el (ivy-resume): Add a guard against null :action
    d6b18f0 ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Pulse no longer
    1c45b29 ivy-occur-mode: new commands on "j", "k", "c"
    8f527d7 ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): No "\\_<" for dynamic-collection
    2a1ef54 ivy-dispatching-done should not permanently modify default action index
    88169a3 "C-x C-f" can un-ignore dotfiles with a leading dot input
    d085765 ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Don't fall back to switch-to-buffer
    1c68495 ivy.el (ivy-expand-file-if-directory): New defun
    71bb1c0 ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Simplify
    bf7d95f Move read-file-name to :display-transformer-fn
    0fd6a75 Move switch-to-buffer to :display-transformer-fn
    708ca11 ivy.el: Fix a few face declarations
    94a7b0f * ivy.el (ivy-format-function-line): Remove `extra' parameter.
    0744f57 counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-occur): Fix greedy-nongreedy bug
    587526e counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-transformer): New defun
    08d5578 counsel.el (counsel-git-log): New command
    f647bca Simplify the ivy-format-function interface
    ea79f0e New API function ivy-set-display-transformer
    d40bdab doc/ Fix typo
    b3ca886 counsel.el (counsel--generic): Improve
    87da3a2 counsel.el (counsel-async-split-string-re): New defvar
    26c8246 counsel.el (counsel-recoll): add unwind
    7a0b243 Give ivy-read-read-action enough minibuffer space
    48b5638 ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Don't add symbol bounds for file names
    6fbab50 swiper.el (swiper-all): Now auto-updates position
    b8e373a swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Don't fail when font-lock is off
    1c04fb8 Add ivy-fixed-height-minibuffer
    e12ff84 counsel.el (counsel-list-processes-action-switch): Improve
    f3b2640 swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Update signature
    dcf4957 counsel.el (counsel--async-command): Add sentinel and filter args
    7dd85f5 counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Recognize error codes other than 1
    9ffa9c7 ivy.el (ivy--regex): Don't consider \\(?...\) a group
    37d52cc swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Replace "\t"
    7ed5b06 ivy.el (ivy--preselect-index): Don't use regexp-quote
    57b6651 ivy.el: Fix defcustom :type for several variables
    e8f2064 Rename counsel-symbol-at-point to ivy-thing-at-point
    e85ad2c counsel.el (counsel-find-file-ignore-regexp): Fixup :type
    4af5c2e Add `counsel-locate-cmd-mdfind`
    ddc1d9f Move all faces to ivy-faces group
    41b8b0d ivy.el (ivy-occur): Add a warning
    e9e8ec0 counsel.el: Shuffle functions
    a50f668 counsel.el (counsel-locate-options): Make obsolete
    d4fc54b ivy-test.el (counsel-unquote-regex-parens): Add test
    3799d3d counsel.el: Shuffle functions and rename headings
    b400fcc counsel.el: Shuffle functions and rename headings
    4c99ec6 counsel.el: Shuffle functions
    b4b8d3e counsel.el: Organize the file with outlines
    9aee83a ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Bind completion-ignore-case
    e94f13e counsel.el (counsel-imenu): Add :preselect
    9db8308 counsel.el: Organize the file with outlines
    7869996 swiper.el: Remove obsolete faces
    00b009e ivy.el (ivy-next-line-or-history): Update
    96828c2 ivy.el (ivy-read): Identify extra-actions by caller as well
    5299c0a doc/ivy.texi: Re-export from previous commit
    212a4b8 Update the documentation and the manual
    299bc13 Fix initial-input not set to nil for 'read-file-name-internal
    147ae80 Fix an extra action being called for `completing-read'
    1f3ea7d ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Handle "M-n M-n" better
    7b08db8 ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Use "\\_<" instead of "\\b"
    d544427 swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Replace \t with 4 spaces
    4235ffc colir.el (colir-blend-face-background): Improve
    c2b330b doc/ Add @vindex and @kindex automatically
    022e658 When in prog-mode, "M-n" should wrap input with "\b"
    ebd3e29 swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Fix a bug
    ded0923 Customize ivy-occur per command with ivy-set-occur
    c90784d doc/ Update
    90a09fa doc/ CUSTOM_ID should not end in "?"
    ab3ad4e doc/ Add more CUSTOM_ID
    7dc86b3 Add a lot of sections to the documentation
    0bad922 Provide the :caller in most calls to ivy-read
    80825a6 ivy.el: Fixup face docs
    d71b5c5 swiper.el (swiper--action): Update regexp-search-ring
    65ec32c mention the manual more prominently
    220fd38 doc/ Improve the markup
    5eaf787 doc/ Improve the Texinfo/HTML export structure
    0afb000 Fix default-directory for ivy-occur + counsel-git-grep
    1485e58 Add ignore pattern toggling
    ec7da3f ivy.el (ivy-help-file): Improve location
    e1c156b ivy.el (ivy--resize-minibuffer-to-fit): Check frame-root-window-p
    00f08f7 Improve Ivy documentation UI
    c27cde2 ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Don't deactivate region
    480cc85 Update
    05a7b61 ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Support a list of symbols as collection
    142306e counsel.el (counsel-git-stash): New command
    6817381 Allow to compose static collections with `counsel--async-command'
    cf2c7bc Modify "M-n" prediction when region is active
    f31ab12 swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Return point
    53ca6ed ivy.el (ivy-do-completion-in-region): New defcustom
    1737ced ivy.el (ivy-inhibit-action): New variable
    2877ae1 ivy.el (ivy-ignore-buffers): New defcustom
    9ef344d use imenu API to jump to position. required by org-mode
    d8f04f0 Add melpa version badge
    c0c0f63 ivy.el (ivy-read): Fix extra actions for completing-read
    8c2f213 counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Truncate during display
    5f4bc14 counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-current-song): Preselect the current song
    4696b89 ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-other-window): New command
    b39f409 counsel.el (counsel-unicode-char): Display hex codes in left column
    0efbf6e Simplify the signature for :dynamic-collection functions
    eab714f counsel.el (counsel-at-git-issue-p): New defun
    c8013c7 counsel.el (ivy-ffap-url-functions): Add Emacs git repo
    e3e1f51 ivy.el (ivy-ffap-url-functions): Customize "C-x C-f M-n"
    407ce2c counsel.el (counsel-list-processes): New command
    c210bf6 counsel.el (counsel-tmm): Fix tmm free variable
    bcb81dd Fix swiper "backward" search
    763d42b Initialize `ivy-last` to empty state.
    0d410d3 ivy.el (ivy-flx-limit): Configure when flx is used
    0a9780b ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Update cl-position logic
    c76c005 Add feedback for sole ivy completion.
    59c5f16 Special case empty ivy-count-format completion.
    bc4d4a8 swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add sauron-mode
    9a6b5fd Add rcirc-mode to swiper-font-lock-ensure-exclude
    a526e86 Refactor swiper-font-lock-ensure
    2135752 counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): Fix up
    e23c175 Insert intermediate candidates during async completions
    d996215 Add counsel-descbinds
    f7c7114 ivy-test.el (ivy--regex-ignore-order): New test
    d1216eb Add the '!' behavior into `ivy--regex-ignore-order'
    89ed19e ivy.el (ivy--regex-plus): Prettify a bit
    66e00ed counsel: Add counsel-up-directory to find-file-map
    fdb21f6 counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Re-display when no cands
    b5dc239 counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Fix issue with ivy--regex-ignore-order
    1365b2b Change tramp prompt from "Find File: " to "user@host: "
    0c844c1 ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix for 1 cand
    1cd501a ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Optimize for 1 cand
    426cfcb ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix a few bugs
    2ea56ec ivy.el (ivy-occur): Fix when ivy--old-re isn't a string
    93d1adc Properly support matching ignoring order
    09cb5c9 ivy: fix ivy--resize-minibuffer-to-fit for small delta
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/swiper
    git-subtree-split: a891df30dc238a3a8943cb0b98647f69b71c034c
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  9. Squashed 'site-lisp/helm/' changes from 9e29474..634f27b

    634f27b Add doc for hff.
    b574267 Allow upcasing downcasing capitalizing and matching whole string in hff qr.
    9580d8a In hff query replace fnames, handle the case where replacement already exists.
    a5014ed Remove the let now unuseful in hff query-replace.
    46a750d Remove default arg in second prompt of helm-ff-query-replace-on-filenames.
    52fd9fc Use history and default in query replace fnames prompts.
    f38a141 Fix previous commit, allow also plain regexp.
    9f957f8 Allow kind of substitution for basename without extension and only extension.
    6d6ebab Allow using t for EXT arg of helm-basename.
    2a35429 Spelling fixes.
    a4bf9cd Add anaphoric versions of cond and while for further use.
    54e7646 Add comment and align them.
    b9253f7 Realign helm-html-entities-alist.
    87fa623 Allow customizing which function helm use to decode entities.
    c0011d8 Ensure no replacement is done when unable to convert ENTITIE.
    d5140c5 Use chars instead of string in helm-html-entities-alist.
    88931e3 Add functions to decode html entities and use them.
    07d9c63 Add more stuff to hff help.
    c51acaa Fix typo in help.
    d36f1bc Update hff help.
    c0482ed Rename helm-ff-query-replace-on-marked-1.
    1802bc3 Start serial renaming at count + 1.
    b615ca9 Add something similar to replace-count to helm-ff-query-replace-on-marked-1.
    6a63dbf helm-get-candidates: don't `prin1' the empty string
    0764184 Improve generic error message in helm-get-candidates (#1460)
    78a1983 Add docstring to helm-grep-git-1.
    f60ef03 Add two new args to helm-grep-git-1 to fit with helm-do-grep-1 (#1473).
    2ba0bf5 helm-update docstring.
    a793963 Cleanup helm-update.
    d6a1f35 Handle invalid regexp error in helm-match-from-candidates and highlighting.
    8f1e6ab Use %S specifier to format error message (#1460).
    afbc8b6 Change error function name and use condition-case-unless-debug (#1460).
    8700bdc Fix formating error when nil (#1460).
    1759d66 Fix error message with invalid candidates function (#1460).
    f193369 Send an error message when candidates fn returns an error (#1460).
    0f5708a Remove endtag from allowed match-part in etags.
    f01a4ea Fix highlighting matches with helm etags (#1471).
    8f5ec4e Disable highlighting in helm-esh-source for now.
    da0707c Remove unused variable in eshell.
    e24abe0 Make eshell history local for each eshell buffers (#1472).
    eb9a536 Merge branch 'master' of
    3211682 Format candidate like in helm-kill-selection-and-quit (#1469).
    f91a30a Merge pull request #1470 from xuchunyang/master
    77eb2da Simplify argument list in helm-get-selection
    4192711 Fix `helm-kill-selection-and-quit` with real value not being a string (#1469).
    99acdca Revert 79830fd, seems it was a side effect of some thing else while testing.
    194db18 Merge branch 'highlight_matches' (PR #1466).
    79830fd Temporary fix infloop with etags+fuzzy.
    bdb1fbe Fix highligting matches with whole string as display and a cand transformer.
    2c2c75d Fix error with etags by deleting/inserting differently.
    5990d26 Revert all changes recently done about highlighting matches.
    5488a46 Fix loosing init face by using the deletion insertion method.
    084d77b Fix docstring and comments no code change.
    4b936a7 Fix storage of match-part in helm-match-from-candidates.
    f440ad8 Cache match-part of candidate.
    3d033e4 Fix match-part highlighting in helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match.
    4d06d7c merge branch 'exp'.
    e5af7fa Merge pull request #1464 from CyberShadow/pull-20160408-205546
    88829c5 Remove fuzzy search multi-match.
    ba089de Match literally single chars (#1464).
    5977be7 Add comments, and emacs-25 reindent (#1464).
    3d32bd5 Fix incorrect use of assoc for helm-migemo-mode.
    d444881 Use regexp-quote instead of rx.
    2f929bb Fix incorrect use of mapc.
    b4e419e Revert to highlighting only the first matches in fuzzy (#1464).
    b04bb93 Finally highlight all occurences in fuzzy matching (#1464).
    8718897 Fix matching multiples occurences of whole pattern (#1464)
    16029e0 helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match: Only leave match-part in buffer
    8985d2c Add a function to get pattern in helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match (#1464).
    fd8577a Fix replacing match-part in helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match (#1464).
    9d1821a Document hff about url's at point (#1465).
    a2319bc Revert previous commit.
    6663b30 Allow jumping to local dir with an url at point in hff (#1465).
    934ca73 Improve match highlighting (#1464).
    9e6a73a Overhaul helm-fuzzy-default-highlight-match.
    84d59ac Add comment in helm-el-package--init.
    913e6a1 Continue fixing elisp packages for the new crap package.el.
    635e436 Prevent using package async.
    443178e Use multiline in helm-eshell-history-source.
    70047bf Use candidate-transformer in helm-eshell-history-source.
    336612e Inherit from helm-source-in-file in helm-eshell-history-source.
    c64b5bc Don't append eshell-history to eshell-history-file-name (#1463).
    ca2f5bb Use setf slot-value everywhere.
    217d84f Give a buffer name to helm ucs buffer.
    9722df2 Fix regexp in helm-buffers (#1462).
    45c6333 Add history to ucs (#1428).
    92786bb Update version in *pkg files.
    79aea6d Update helm-help for grep.
    5cc2d6f Expand abbreviated filenames on hff init.
    4fedcde Rewrite helm-reduce-file-name.
    7aebac1 Fix typo.
    2d52cc4 Add multi match support in GID and update grep help.
    0f92a68 Add docstring of helm-grep-ag.
    71f12c8 Handle also multiples types for AG from hff and don't DRY.
    094c76f Handle imenu markers in quit and find file.
    8efc085 Allow setting helm-input-idle-delay locally (#1454).
    8ece4f9 Remove deprecated and unused helm-locate-read-file-name.
    37a5db8 Fix docstring of ag cmd and don't hardcode "ag".
    d8e7fd6 Add buffer name for ag types.
    a6b55de Use adaptive in ag types.
    75c2af4 Support more than one type in ag.
    faed625 Remove now unneeded helm--compute-sources fn.
    9f76a37 Merge pull request #1456 from emacs-helm/remove_delayed
    2276e13 Merge pull request #1455 from emacs-helm/ag_types
    a89fcd0 Update docstrings for helm ag.
    1caa01a Do nothing with prefix arg when types are not provided with ag version.
    70e61a0 Keep the delayed slot for backward compat.
    1e2b360 Use src to not confuse with source arg when reading code.
    ff39b98 Don't forget to erase buffer when no sources to compute.
    d95faed Remove deprecated usage of delayed source (#1400 #1454).
    7749ff5 Prevent user from setting :delayed to a non number value (#1400 #1454).
    59aefd5 Use must-match in ag types and use types for ag hff action.
    f536bbc Allow using types from ag, first shot.
    c0e8f82 Catch exit status from ag types.
    279c70b Add new function to get ag types from cmd line.
    7922a6b Wrap looking-at in condition-case (#1453).
    619efee Add mode-line string for addressbook-bookmark.
    e25c075 Refactorize helm-open-file-externally and friends.
    781e82f Fix docstring of helm-get-mailcap-for-file.
    ff0cdaf Minor changes in helm-run-or-raise.
    6a29b52 Fix full-path issue with external commands (#1451 #1452).
    a6b06f8 Bind mode-line-in-non-selected-windows.
    75b79a9 Add mode-line string to files buffers and bookmarks.
    6254902 Finally revert c3ef651 adding actions to helm-comp-read.
    5df8962 Merge pull request #1449 from emacs-helm/helm-comp-read_actions
    34a9961 Document grep section.
    a2cde4e Fix docstrings, no code changes.
    24055bb Fix paren error in helm-apropos.
    c3ef651 Add :actions keyword to helm-comp-read and use it in helm-M-x (#1448).
    97e8f97 Fix docstring and comment in helm-dwim-target-directory.
    4c37ad7 Allow entering a space for multi completion in org tags.
    ea7e75a Simplify helm-org-completing-read-tags.
    0948d84 Allow removing current tag if needed in org tags completion.
    ab6b24a Fix with-helm-show-completion with helm popping up in same window.
    a1715c5 Fix display-marked-candidates with helm in one window (#1441).
    b248c35 Shutup byte compiler about crm-separator.
    30562d7 Bind crm-separator in org tags.
    81863ad Fix again c4f6192 with helm full frame and minibuffer.
    2acd728 Merge pull request #1443 from emacs-helm/org_tags
    3ad84b8 Remove helm-org-completing-read-multiple.
    c4f6192 Fix error when helm is trying to expand minibuffer to full-frame.
    ea1e5b4 Use completing-read-multiple for org tags (#1439).
    a1d9cb7 Merge branch 'exp'
    9f0f230 Handle multiple matches in Hgrep when highlighting is not ansi.
    7a607b8 Simplify org tags PR #1439 by removing sentinel usage.
    9cca05a Fix wrong-number-of-arguments error in PR #1439.
    3d7f2d6 Handle non-tag org completion prompts
    28dc5ea FIXME: Workaround for very strange problem
    f9a27d6 helm-mode.el, helm-org.el: Improve org tag completion
    f3e58c3 Merge pull request #1438 from emacs-helm/pipe_grep
    6b86a6a Reindent helm-grep--prepare-cmd-line (#1377).
    70be74d Shell-quote pattern in helm-grep-ag-prepare-cmd-line (#1377).
    52a1f2c Handle different ack executables (#1377).
    8ef3d47 Add also multi match for ag (#1377).
    7a93e3f Allow multi matching in grep (#1377).
    614e3d6 Allow starting HFF at root.
    a0d812f Use pcase in helm-file-human-size.
    664fa60 Rewrite helm-default-kbsize.
    61c3192 Merge branch 'master' of
    c68345b Fix typo in docstring.
    dc88c7b Optimize helm-file-human-size.
    da9d51f Fix toc in readme.
    4e0c9b9 Declare eshell fns.
    dc73c7e Merge pull request #1434 from maio/patch-1
    70df2b0 Do not modify kill ring when switching to eshell
    6aef41e Turn off truncate line when debugging.
    1aeed1f Merge pull request #1432 from emacs-helm/Fix_install_build_in_packages
    6754de3 helm-complex-command-history: push to command-history
    3bdf6b1 helm-complex-command-history: make source multiline
    4685915 Shutup bytecompiler about package-delete args on emacs-24.*.
    8afe409 Fix re/installation of elpa version of build-in packages.
    64467df Move helm-elisp-package action transformer to a function.
    becaffd Merge branch 'master' of
    e94ba59 Docstring helm-highlight-bookmark.
    a8ff103 Merge pull request #1431 from spwhitton/apt-get
    ec56dca Debian and Ubuntu installation instructions
    39b086c Merge pull request #1429 from aroig/gh/fix-for-new-org
    b4c7422 Adapt helm-org to changes in org-mode's master
    9f628f3 Use source, when setting resume attr in HFF.
    8e1400d Fix setting helm-ff-default-directory after resuming.
    7890b9f Merge branch 'master' of
    5cd53e2 Fix helm docstring.
    20957a1 Fix some more cl-typecase for emacs-24.3 compat.
    6bb1c1c Merge pull request #1426 from malisper/master
    addf928 Revert previous commit.
    e91be07 Use start-file-process-shell-command in locate.
    7d9deee New var to control tramp-connection-min-time-diff.
    036c154 Bind default-directory in helm grep and fix call of deferred hook.
    6b6957d Fix helm-aif docstring.
    812aa91 Fixing typo in use of cl-typecase.
    cd34612 Use helm-build-sync-source.
    794cb38 Fix helm-symbol-name.
    95672f6 Fix typo.
    5f40067 Make more explicit we are using in-buffer method with a function.
    31800bb Fix docstring of helm-process-pattern-transformer.
    7ef898d Fix docstrings in some places.
    41d69b7 Fix helm-stringify with numbers.
    2fe4948 Add comment to helm-funcall-with-source.  No code change.
    624d78c Don't setcar when not needed in helm-funcall-with-source.
    139bcb6 Get rid of compose fns.
    6402117 Simplify helm-fast-remove-dups.
    635e5d5 Use delete in helm--recent-push.
    b637a63 And finally fixit with pcase.
    bb4ca5c Revert partially previous commit.
    b9230fb Rewrite helm-recent-push using pcase and rename it.
    7a1ef1b Update help accordingly.
    80705c2 Finally use a nil value for case-fold-search in helm-file-expand-wildcards
    4345328 Add documentation for helm-find-files.
    32ef3e8 Set case-fold-search in helm-file-expand-wildcards.
    abb3845 Fix replacing upcased strings by dowcased ones.
    902ad0f Fix version number in *.pkg files.
    211e3a8 Another copyright fix.
    9d5b085 Fix a copyright.
    300cb69 Fix default-directory settings in helm-grep.
    72b5667 Simplify helm-grep-mode--revert-buffer-function.
    4b7b939 Improve informations inserted in helm-grep-mode buffer.
    9aecc11 Don't pop-to-buffer from current-buffer in helm-grep/moccur-mode.
    d13c8c2 Make helm-only some more commands.
    809540d Fix docstring of `helm-follow-mode` (#1419).
    8a413a7 Add a class for helm grep ag too (#1419).
    48c048b Add defcustom for grep actions.
    77fd8c8 Make a class for helm-grep (#1419).
    8c9eed0 Set default-directory when saving grep buffer.
    56b94e1 Even if fixed by using a pipe, ensure git-grep don't use a pager.
    b87a481 Fix helm-grep-mode--revert-buffer-function for git-grep.
    d8bd81a Handle multi match in helm-moccur-mode revert fn.
    2a9eb01 Fix previous commit, just bind helm-pattern in loop.
    1d720f6 Highlight matches when reverting helm-moccur-mode buffer.
    9ce4bab Fix pattern when saving to helm-grep-mode buffer with default as input.
    3a379fd Fix helm-grep-mode revert function for ansi.
    1ded51d Fix copyrights.
    2eb7a5c Merge pull request #1418 from xuchunyang/fix-compilation-warning
    9ad2602 Fix compilation warning in helm-command.el
    12fbccc Reset helm-ff-default-directory as before.
    a3f6a17 Fix turning on recentf.
    5c542dc Add hooks in good order for hff and read fname.
    bb10707 Avoid running the ff hooks when not needed.
    50c8acb Always show top line in helm-top and skip it.
    1536e88 Use with-helm-buffer in helm-get-current-source.
    ef1c762 Allow disabling recentf on startup if needed.
    855119d Merge pull request #1416 from xuchunyang/fix-bug-introduced-in-1412
    9cd6a6b Fix return value of helm-execute-selection-action
    9b8197a Remove unused argument source from helm-insert-match.
    d2597fa Remove usage of helm-source-in-each-line-flag.
    d72d7dc Kill action buffer after geting infos from it (#1412).
    f43d248 Merge pull request #1413 from sjLambda/master
    1be02d9 more edits for and helm.el
    af2f551 edits to
    7901339 doc and editorial changes
    49c9922 Fix helm-org-headings-class should be quoted.
    5c8ebc8 Fix ucs font for non dark backgrounds (#1411).
    90c5d0d Exit helm when copying to buffer.
    9689446 Merge pull request #1409 from fm4d/patch-1
    38d170a Update guide to enable helm-esh-pcomplete
    d0645ff Fix error in helm-el-package--transformer.
    df87fc1 Merge pull request #1392 from xuchunyang/master
    8771d85 Remove mode-name in helm-create-helm-buffer.
    dd2db70 Fix docstring of helm-major-mode.
    9c99f90 Fix typo.
    538dc0e Add new mode for helm buffers (#1398).
    c593867 Keep fixing helm-match-from-candidates (#1391).
    b0758c6 Revert last changes for now (#1398).
    69bc4ac Ensure helm buffer names are ephemeral (#1398, #1403).
    ee678bb Fix comment in helm-match-from-candidates.
    803893d Keep fixing dups in helm-match-from-candidates.
    6ec4249 Keep fixing helm-match and search from candidates.
    9941c64 Same fix in helm-search-from-candidate-buffer.
    2f44eed Fix loop in helm-match-from-candidates.
    b181adf Reenable volatile in helm-comp-read.
    8d743d2 Simplify volatile setting in helm-comp-read.
    27baadf Merge branch 'get_rid_of_accumulate_candidates'
    5e0e28a Fix dups in helm occur, don't use volatile in helm-mode by default.
    47065c5 Remove trailing newline in helm-copy-to-buffer
    b1ec2d1 Merge pull request #1390 from emacs-helm/get_rid_of_accumulate_candidates
    bc81bfc Remove one comment, no code change.
    7407618 Modify candidate before pushing it to hash when matching from candidates.
    070bf87 Use nconc in match and search fns.
    267e844 Fix initial forward-line in helm-search-from-candidate-buffer.
    4cd014b Remove unused helm--accumulate-candidates and related global vars.
    8a1eb05 Get rid of helm--accumulate-candidates in helm-search-from-candidate-buffer.
    8c7bd7d Use helm-basename now it is available from helm-lib.
    a07cb1e Get rid of helm--accumulate-candidates in helm-match-from-candidates.
    4869e8c Use cl-typecase for helm--normalize-filter-sources.
    91d9925 Merge branch 'org_heading_class' into optimize_org
    deb5c61 Keep optimizing helm-org.
    7b7b2ae Fontify org buffers only when no props found.
    5c4d286 Only font-lock header-line in helm-org (#1379).
    1b5c845 Merge branch 'master' of
    76cd997 Advice search function in org headings (#1379).
    85e9e3b Merge pull request #1387 from xiongtx/hook-documentation
    3dce233 Add documentation to hook variables.
    7ce48d7 Merge branch 'align_ucs'
    65d7e2b Add a space after code in ucs (#1365).
    c66b1c4 Remove spaces before name in ucs (#1365).
    f82ea89 Add group and face in helm-font (#1365).
    cacd170 Fix regexp in helm-ucs-insert (#1365).
    f4e4a18 Colorize syms, add parenthesis to code (#1365).
    a023a3c Fix initial input in helm-ucs (#1365).
    f0612fd Add a new class for org headings.
    4daf2e4 Merge pull request #1382 from alphapapa/patch-1
    aa9399c Clean up comment
    583b375 Make helm-org--run-open-heading-in-indirect-buffer helm-only.
    fabc1a1 Merge branch 'master' of
    141e773 Optimize helm-org-get-candidates (#1379).
    93e30e0 Merge pull request #1380 from alphapapa/helm-org-headings-enhancements
    3ac542f helm-org.el: Add indirect-buffer action, keymap, etc.
    806fc2b helm-org.el: Indentation fixes
    44c0071 Merge branch 'master' of
    7c0a415 Require helm-files in ag and git-grep to fix #1377.
    9f4cb3e Allow matching char at point change alignment (#1365).
    a1cebfa Simplify max len calculation (#1365).
    3a46a88 Remove last references to helm-do-grep that is not existing anymore (#1377).
    5d8e1f1 Remove bidi bindings (#1365).
    ede3573 First shoot to align ucs chars with name at end (#1365).
    6085777 Don't query user when TAGS file is modified and visiting a buffer (#1374).
    16e0d8a Fix undo-tree action in registers.
    9b6bb7d Don't use the generic sort fn when fuzzy matching.
    a80e0b4 Prepare *pkg.el files for bump to 1.9.2.
    7354ac4 Merge branch 'better-completion-in-region'
    86804d8 Update help in
    7fbbd4d Revert also partially changes in helm-completing-read-default-1 (#1366, #1371).
    13d8447 Reverting changes in helm-comp-read (#1366, #1371).
    7a43fe5 Fix typo, thanks Michael (#1360).
    b992f30 Use helm-get-candidate-number in grep sentinels (#1370).
    0cf1d1c Don't count empty lines maybe added by popup (#1370).
    b3eb831 Merge pull request #1369 from emacs-helm/use_initial_input_in_collection
    525afed Make more commands helm-only, helm-delete-current-selection is no more interactive.
    3af0ffb Add missing input argument in helm-comp-read-get-candidates (#1366).
    358e0d8 Refactorize helm-get-candidate-number.
    f02fb4b Use initial input in collection in completing-read's (#1366).
    ab7edec Fix helm-locate with other sources (#1364).
    c8510e9 Use predicate in completion-metadata call (completion-in-region).
    d618794 Use also the old file completion predicates in completion-in-region.
    a40b4b2 Add comments in helm--completion-in-region, no code changes.
    589cdc2 Make helm gid bindings more consistents with other grep commands.
    d6061c3 Make some more functions helm-only.
    41f2200 Use directly require in helm-popup-tip-mode.
    a743929 Notify user when exiting with code 1 in locate (#1360).
    22a565d Add popup dependency in
    52ed8ec Declare popup-tip to shutup byte compiler.
    069243e Merge pull request #1359 from emacs-helm/show_buffer_file_name
    2bbaff1 helm-sources-using-help-echo-popup is now a defcustom (#1072).
    1a7a2b5 New mode helm-popup-tip-mode (#1072).
    c1e8ddf Merge pull request #1356 from emacs-helm/expand_to_remote_root
    ec9940e Allow also ~/ to stay on remote in hff for consistency (#1354).
    141dc9f Merge branch 'master' into better-completion-in-region
    db18575 Ensure we match two "/" at end in helm-substitute-in-filename (#1354).
    81600ec Expand "/" to root of remote directory (#1354).
    fbbcb15 Allow starting from a non usual package-user-dir (#1353).
    d644e4e Fix restoring marks with multilines.
    74527cd Avoid searching in source header when restoring marks.
    a1f3d67 Use `completion-metadata-get` in `completion-in-region`.
    dfc38a1 Merge pull request #1349 from syohex/clean-up-pkg-files
    a92042a Merge pull request #1350 from seanirby/use-last-prompt-on-resume
    df62492 Call interactively function moving cursor in help buffer (#1347).
    27a0e2d Remember prompt value for helm-resume
    a5cd821 Clean up dependencies
    3fd5380 Use forward-line for non--interactive use (#1347).
    83c6890 Add common key bindings and cursor in help (#1347).
    36ee975 Merge pull request #1345 from kidd/versiatile-org-headers-defcustom
    603fc97 Make helm-source-org-headings-for-files versatile.
    e79d7a6 Merge pull request #1343 from seanirby/fix-revive-mark-bug
    e1780d2 Rename helm-highlight-number-lines-around-point
    27fd071 Fix bug in 'revive-visible-mark' function
    e17e618 Fix restoring marks with duplicates candidates (#1343).
    a046a6c Make another helm-only.
    00404c9 Merge branch 'master' of
    0d5e94e Make two more function helm-only.
    04d6773 Use helm-aif instead of if-let.
    e247cc3 Merge pull request #1338 from seanirby/add-no-message-arg
    b0188a0 Remove mark messages
    108ef56 Merge pull request #1337 from issue-dispenser/master
    d42f56e Change helm-recentf-source persistent action
    ed7ca50 Handle cdr of last completion; simplify
    a50fc2c Make helm-find-files-toggle-to-bookmark read-only.
    6077907 Add keymap and help-message to helm-type-file.
    3adbdfa Add new user variable for completion-in-region (#1308).
    a3539ec do it more like vanilla completion does it
    b580b39 Remove also the search function which is wrong in helm-bookmark.
    9e5275c Fix preselection in helm-bookmarks when toggling.
    7b8d7c5 Remove match-part fn in helm-bookmark (#1334).
    bbb7eae Fix helm-file-name-sans-extension when used on a full filename (#1335).
    0a37283 Fix infloop with files beginning with a dot (#1335).
    7dbd9bf Allow using wild-card in query-replace in files operations.
    f881c0a Fix error condition in helm-dired-action.
    8154e84 Prevent user trying to make wrong file file operations (#1333).
    a1ccd7c Make some more functions helm-only.
    1de1701 Unhelmize find-file and M-x by default to avoid confusion.
    54b83b2 Remove autoload cookie for helm-grep-mode.
    a05b72c Keep adding helm-only prop where missing.
    7633b7a Add helm-only property to helm actions.
    904b2bd Fix docstring no code change.
    f5d40dc Check existence of directory in `helm-get-info-files` (#1330).
    8b007c1 Allow a function as value for `helm-display-buffer-default-size`.
    7325164 Require helm-lib in helm-info.
    021bbad Allow setting a default height size of helm-window on startup (#1321).
    bf66ed9 Don't add find file at line number action in dired (#1327).
    d415b27 Fix compile error in previous PR by reordering (#1324) (#1326).
    f2fe275 Merge pull request #1326 from xiongtx/better-info
    d0d18c3 Add `helm-info` for Info file to search (#1324).
    ad4e87b Calculate all info indexes available for helm-default-info-index-list (#1324).
    55d2c1f New function helm-file-name-sans-extension.
    d2289cd helm-locate: prefer --regex over -r on Gnu/Linux
    9de9016 Fix helm-reduce-file-name on windows (#1325).
    b71fb9c Add comment no code change.
    f004963 Use defun in helm--run-init-hooks.
    c17b857 Merge branch 'master' of
    43207f7 Fix again local source after and before init hooks (#1310).
    f59abd7 Merge pull request #1320 from xiongtx/helm-apropos-faces
    fe7e004 Check if wildcard is not a real file (#1319).
    6380c0b Add commands to `helm-apropos` for faces (#1318)
    3f39d8b Revert previous commit (#1310).
    3095396 Bind before/after-init-hook to a symbol (#1310)
    73b167f Allow enabling fuzzy matching in etags (#1303).
    74a32f5 Improve highlight matches.
    9a1e66c Allow customization of truncate-lines in several places.
    0278d3c Fix preselection with dired commands (#910).
    a4b07b9 Fix regexp in helm-org-goto-marker.
    c8c2f96 Show body of heading in helm-org-goto-marker.
    6e0bfc6 Merge pull request #1312 from jagrg/point_pos
    86882bf Position point at the beginning of the headline
    1cbaee6 Merge pull request #1311 from xuchunyang/master
    e17030a Use consistent pretty major name
    3099dd2 Merge pull request #1309 from cosmicexplorer/master
    1dead36 fix error in helm-search-match-part
    8696729 Fix error in helm-highlight-current-line
    068f169 Fix docstring of helm-org-show-filename (#1300).
    e6fbd80 Tweak "Edit and eval" action of helm-complex-command-history
    fe96a39 Update version number in pkg files.
    864f72f Remove unneeded preselection in helm-org-parent-headings.
    a265f7f Merge pull request #1300 from emacs-helm/helm_org_cleanup
    a0e52f4 Remove unneeded cl-defun in helm-org.
    785d3c0 Add two new user vars in helm-org.
    db86d98 Make more configurable helm org display.
    5545fc8 Reorder code in helm-org, no code change.
    c70a397 No need to backquote lambda in helm-org (#1294).
    1d2305a Fix default in imenu.
    97a98b1 Don't compute twice the same thing in helm org (#1294).
    cca4e08 Avoid using backquote in org templates (#1294).
    165f56c Fix org-get-outline-path call (#1294).
    79597ef Use or in helm-org-get-candidates (#1294).
    0cbd2be Remove null candidates in helm-org-get-candidates (#1294).
    e42e3ed Be safe with properties in helm org (#1294).
    9bce52a Fix matching truncated lines (#1294).
    7611133 Keep refactoring helm-org (#1294).
    d5840ee Remove one more lambda in helm-org--get-candidates-in-file (#1294).
    9f9eedf Merge branch 'refactor_org'
    86db1fe Compute org candidates in the transormer when helm-window is available (#1294).
    d6c8b7c Simplify, remove one lambda (#1294).
    62f9314 Fix org entries in easy-menu (#1294).
    c4bcfa5 Keep refactoring helm-org (#1294).
    5cfa728 Refactor helm-org, unquote lambda's, etc... (#1294).
    ec00a42 Revert changes in (#1294).
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/helm
    git-subtree-split: 634f27b0c3ca82c1c91ca7e35bf74c07ae0825ca
    committed Apr 21, 2016
  10. Changes to settings.el

    committed Apr 21, 2016
  11. Update Magit to 2.6.1

    committed Apr 21, 2016
Commits on Apr 17, 2016
  1. Minor fixes

    committed Apr 17, 2016
Commits on Apr 1, 2016
  1. Settings updates

    committed Mar 31, 2016
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  1. Various minor changes

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  1. Configuration updates

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Commits on Jan 31, 2016
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/with-editor/' content from commit 580f225

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    committed Jan 30, 2016
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