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Commits on Oct 2, 2015
Commits on Oct 1, 2015
  1. Remove haskell-mode

Commits on Sep 29, 2015
  1. Remove ext/

  2. Squashed 'site-lisp/diffview-mode/' content from commit 548ad25

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/diffview-mode
    git-subtree-split: 548ad255c7dab07586538defa1a0137d86441621
  3. Squashed 'ext/diffview-mode/' content from commit 548ad25

    git-subtree-dir: ext/diffview-mode
    git-subtree-split: 548ad255c7dab07586538defa1a0137d86441621
  4. Update use-package

Commits on Sep 24, 2015
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/git-gutter-plus/' changes from 3653e54..f8daebb

    f8daebb Version 0.4
    873a65f Add 'show-hunk-inline-at-point'
    0a2182e Refactor: Join insertions
    320fc83 Refactor: Initialise optional variable with 'interactive'
    074c8f9 Replace awhen with --when-let
    026a4c1 Add package keywords
    03bcc83 Update MELPA 'Getting started' URL
    5c509b1 Silence byte-compiler warning in compiled defadvice
    7162eca unstage-whole-buffer: Unstage only the current buffer
    cbe7ec8 Readme: Add 'use-package' setup
    369aee2 Enable lexical bindings
    f395e2e Add 'cl-' prefixes, use 'cl-lib'
    06126d9 Remove unused variable
    74f6834 Add Cask file
    aaf4d26 Add test helper
    264f5c1 Remove erroneus test
    bc0342c Move test to test/
    1ff9a19 README: Fix reference to 'git-commit'
    c0f3e81 Version 0.3
    dd23f0c Support the latest version of 'git-commit'
    4040abb Disable Git-Gutter on symlinked files
    e5855a9 Handle git diff errors
    d80d3e0 Minor Readme fix
    90646ee Fix staging and committing with Tramp
    19f08b9 Add 'tramp-sh-handle-call-process-region'
    db33a67 Version 0.2
    96ab10a Fix the splitting logic for displaying the staged changes buffer
    6d62abd Readme: Add animated GIF to show staging/committing
    10bde50 Refresh when a buffer is staged or unstaged in Magit
    5c16060 Add a comment about newer Magit versions
    6798c9a Fix commit message history cycling
    3e7201f Support the latest 'git-commit-mode'
    8283a1d Add 'stage-and-commit-whole-buffer', 'unstage-whole-buffer'
    e459745 Add changes in master branch to changelog
    f7eec0d Don't use 'mark-whole-buffer' for 'stage-whole-buffer'
    3677af2 Properly splice diff-options into arglist
    1ed8c7e Add proper custom types to variables
    6d0783b Drop Marmalade support.
    25f29d3 Fix required version of `git-commit-mode'
    a74339a Enable view-mode in diff buffers
    6c4f1d7 Reword comment
    5269f81 Rename variable
    60ca192 Support the latest git-commit-mode
    5330f0d Use concat instead of format
    bf39987 Don't define commit-mode-map as a constant
    b04de96 Version 0.1
    cfef2ae Add custom commit interface based on git-commit-mode
    39360d3 Remove Magit commit hacks
    8006818 Properly support narrowed buffers
    76fdf40 Add 'git-gutter+-mode-map'
    5572abc Allow reverting hunks within the region
    60bf087 Add defcustom 'git-gutter+-git-executable'
    3e344cb Rename and improve 'call-on-current-buffer'
    ba03c2f popup-hunk -> show-hunk
    b41165f search-here-diffinfo -> diffinfo-at-point
    aa106d1 Add 'git-gutter+-enable-default-display-mode'
    26177a7 Readme: Convert to Markdown underlined header syntax
    e150b59 Add docstring for 'stage-hunks'
    524dcd3 Remove unneeded autoloads
    9121262 Indentation
    5ba06d5 [Refactor] Extract 'pop-to-staged-changes-buffer'
    53f778b Add docstring for 'modify-hunk'
    dc1546f modify-hunk: Remove unused parameter 'end'
    2bc7418 Minor comments
    a09e7ce Minor readability fixes
    b68d56a Don't lose the window config when restarting a commit
    3b0090a [Refactor] Extract constant
    2f58be7 Readme: Add missing symbol mark
    558e0b8 Only call 'root-directory' for remote files
    ed98bf3 Version 0.02
    4406e6b Use relative paths when calling Git on Windows
    da97a00 Fix diff buffer erasing
    b6028fd Readme: Add MELPA
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/git-gutter-plus
    git-subtree-split: f8daebb6569bb116086d8653da3505382e03d940
  2. Squashed 'site-lisp/git-gutter-fringe-plus/' changes from ce9d594..7a…

    7a2f49d Readme: Fix symbol quote
    3857d48 Make faces inherit from git-gutter+
    a44fcfa Fix required version of 'fringe-helper'
    8a431a0 Version 0.0.2
    07fb3c2 Add 'git-gutter+-toggle-fringe'
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/git-gutter-fringe-plus
    git-subtree-split: 7a2f49d2455a3a872e90e5f7dd4e6b27f1d96cfc
  3. Squashed 'site-lisp/pdf-tools/' content from commit 787762d

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/pdf-tools
    git-subtree-split: 787762d3ad86fcba2ce81889f56968dc8b475d97
Commits on Sep 22, 2015
  1. Add use of org-autolist

  2. Squashed 'site-lisp/org-autolist/' content from commit da332fa

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/org-autolist
    git-subtree-split: da332fadcd9be4c5eb21c5e98c392b89743750b2
  3. Squashed 'site-lisp/org-autolist/' content from commit 7c644d3

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/org-autolist
    git-subtree-split: 7c644d31f62943c75ccf5a772e43450b462cc08f
  4. Squashed 'site-lisp/org-autolist/' content from commit 11e094b

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/org-autolist
    git-subtree-split: 11e094b8ba6a0c6d77de300d8a8a7518456f0b6a
  5. Squashed 'site-lisp/org-autolist/' content from commit ed99ad4

    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/org-autolist
    git-subtree-split: ed99ad4502e6fccde76050496984c6454676a410
Commits on Sep 18, 2015
Commits on Sep 16, 2015
  1. Change autojoin channels

Commits on Sep 15, 2015
Commits on Sep 14, 2015
  1. Squashed 'site-lisp/haskell-mode/' changes from 6a4d4bd..47d90c8

    47d90c8 Support multiple presentations at once in the same REPL
    d027f9f Thread hash through presentation functions
    a0dd740 Split interaction mode into two minor modes a la indentation
    591d1a8 Fix inserting of type in haskell-describe
    5c817ee Add initial haskell-describe function
    e300782 Add import suggestions based on haskell-docs
    050a119 Support 7.8 in extension completion
    faf4c56 Support GHC 7.8's message format for extension suggestions
    d62f51a Improve usefulness of file-relative-name in cycle code
    36e39a4 Pick up import cycles as loading errors with fake line numbers
    073344e Merge pull request #282 from bergey/cabal-path
    52fafce Merge pull request #284 from ryantm/byte-compile-warnings
    a73cb69 add missing requires in haskell-debug
    905faf5 Merge pull request #283 from ryantm/byte-compile-warnings
    ae0e87c Add try-type
    95dbb75 do not require w3m
    5ffbf1d stop using goto-line as recommended by emacs help on goto-line
    8f02b8c Use haskell-process-path-cabal everywhere
    ca84191 Make popups disableable (fixes #280)
    f7f1a17 Show ... if more results in module completion, a la ido-mode
    5985f84 Use `haskell-complete-module' for module completions
    e49c0e5 Satisfy Makefile warnings for haskell-complete-module
    c285ee3 Fix e reference in haskell-process.el
    55b9c7c Add haskell-complete-module
    a8c4c12 Don't ask about importing the same module more than once
    d3f3f5b Handle errors and quitting in process commands more gracefully
    89917d2 Skip whole module qualification in hoogle import suggestions
    76c505d Add kill-whole-line support in REPL (closes #277)
    2df11b6 Fix warning detection regex (fixes #275)
    cda2fc8 Merge pull request #274 from Philonous/master
    69ead72 Fix getLine with no stdout output
    9f65077 curb process restart spam
    c2206c9 Remove debug message
    976917b Add back padding option in haskell-align-imports (#183)
    3d834d4 Fix OverloadedStrings suggester
    cc161d7 Test cases for haskell-sort-imports (#270)
    fbdc679 Sort on just module names (#270)
    8f2a7e0 Rewrite sort-imports to not be line-based (#270)
    efe9bbe Make sure to expand filename when getting definition dir
    c58058e Trivial function for dumping minimal imports
    832fcc6 Fix haskell-process-hoogle-ident
    02fedeb Experimental refactor of jumping to definition
    ed148c9 Fix make build for Emacs 23
    b180578 Throw error if trying to create a session that already exists
    ff2f361 Improve session switching
    c8a72bd Avoid prompting on incomplete sessions when sifting
    52b93a6 Fix face references in haskell-debug (fixes #268)
    ee537a5 Fix Show detection in presence of newline
    5df78d2 Fix ill-advised removal of prompt stripping
    1eb2b2b Let haskell-process-hoogle-ident fail silently on error
    116e66a Add hoogle server commands
    88b4091 Modify hoogle-suggest regexes for ghc 7.8 compatibility
    23b385b Additional fix for ghci prompt inferior-haskell-mode
    8fbc5f6 Support stdin input in the REPL
    e827a17 Remove redundant newline in colorized output
    7fb632a Update README to ref wiki manual
    cefa9e9 Make showing types of ambiguous/no-show expressions customizable
    7102355 Show types for ambiguous type variables in the REPL, too
    a22f7a1 Make import questioning more persistent at getting an answer
    33f0011 Add module template auto-insertion function
    8a774c7 Support arbitrary cabal command
    e9934ab Fix auto-type-showing in presence of :set +t
    e1a0d86 Show the type of something if no Show instance is available
    c4dc84f Add require cl
    c6d22db Fix format of customization of -w3m-haddock-dirs
    fa0835f Handle unrepresentable things in :present
    9073057 Update to present-1.0 (you need to cabal install present==1.0)
    007f585 Fix to pass make check
    7c1d6b1 Fix missing function reference
    254ba72 Handle compile messages from GHC that contain [TH]
    9324171 Much better list presentations
    18713e6 Indent alg-types with newlines and regular indentation
    5f90c1d Support multiple directories in w3m-haddock
    eddb5c1 Add preliminary :present support
    f6c4b86 Fix error in haskell-interactive-mode completion (#263)
    5e4907f Fix spacing in type info regression (#264)
    aa07205 Popup error buffer instead of displaying them in the REPL
    35527f9 Add sexp-based collapsing support in REPL
    099c82c Strip newlines from haskell-process-do-type
    5128d4d Fix haskell-debug for recent prompt handling changes.
    433c16a Dump complete output if zero compiler messages from cabal
    b5ca602 Strip out extraneous prompts
    58810a1 Declare use of -insert-garbage
    c2e7dbf Echo extraneous output after prompt has been received
    277e8e8 Use end-of-transmission for prompt
    d9aa484 Only save again after stylish if necessary.
    3d1ff09 Print a newline as soon as the command starts to execute.
    a0a33d3 Make haskell-align-imports-padding a total function
    110aa35 Add a command to send cabal macros (#255)
    e9587d9 Make haskell-interactive-at-prompt return position
    f1962fe Add back 'break properties to breakpoint list
    c621a21 Support next/previous properly
    0963af4 Reset history and bindings cache after abandoning
    f0748c2 Re-step after reloading
    af495c2 Debugger with bindings display
    d2ba091 Keep hold of the back trace for helpful display at the end
    6219ad6 Good progress on debugger stepping
    d5b3577 fixes #250, haskell-interactive mode broken under certain conditions
    92581b1 A bit more of the debugger mode
    69fe380 Start of implementation of interactive debugger
    aec3d05 Add .dump-simpl files to ghc-core auto-mode-alist
    6bb7cad More liberal source match
    92f2f26 Add customization setting for header color
    6bd7c56 Add haskell-w3m-open-haddock
    c1f982e Remove accidentally left in font-lock experiment
    9b43204 Add multi-line support in REPL
    5a3a996 Add haskell-process-reload-devel-main interactive command
    2684a4f Use marker instead of regexps in haskell-interactive-mode prompt
    5ce988e Support continuations in the process loading
    6bec474 Add w3m-haddock.el
    7ddc44f Disable hoogle suggestion by default
    6ca09d0 Replace completing-read-function with custom for haskell-mode
    1248ab0 Defvar completing-read-function
    4bcb2db Declare 'delete-active-region' in haskell-indentation
    ec00623 Replace 'ido-completing-read' with 'completing-read-function'
    1af6521 Another attempt at removing EOF newline.
    2a97e4c Remove EOF newline. These are explicit in snippets.
    6615415 Ability to configure the import line on suggestions
    17c8a28 Fix dynamic-binding reference
    96ffb1f Separate running a line in haskell-interactive-mode into another function
    1db9dde Use && instead of ; because this works on Windows, too (refs #232)
    1834c3b Option to automatically chmod .ghci files that GHCi ignores
    55408fc Make showing debugging tips an option
    692afb9 Make errors expanded by default
    7b3946d Check for build/install as substring
    a4a8a09 Allow whitespace before settings.
    182e34f Don't use replace-regexp to appease make check
    1c6ef10 Support god-mode on SPC key
    175c6cc Better "not in scope" detection
    ab7ee92 Strip out M./S./L. typical module prefixes for suggestion functionality
    38e8c06 Make navigate-imports a bit more useful in absense of import list
    c85219a Ignore package results
    5ae3835 Support the case of multiple available modules for auto-import
    89b036d Automatically add package to cabal file
    f44c2d3 Make dummy global binding to avoid not-in-scope warnings
    ed4d9e8 Automatically add import lines via Hoogle
    9292ba1 Fix undefined reference to shm-display-quarantine in haskell-present
    fa1b365 Support jumping to filenames inside strings
    7e74535 Small indentation fix
    0ae55ff Quick hack to remove "Compilation failed" line
    f13eae5 Support commenting out of imports
    dc3a02f Add a function to guess the module name of the current buffer
    c910ed0 Don't show shm's display quarantines in presentation mode
    3f7747e Fix delete-backward-char in haskell-indentation (fixes #211)
    3ade6a8 Merge pull request #214 from brandonw/master
    29c0b98 Merge pull request #217 from adimit/patch-1
    c9424aa add support for cabal repl build targets
    7ae7411 Add haskell-bot.el, for interacting with locally installed lambdabot
    54e6ccd Fix import.qualified.
    4f87331 Fix internal GHC module translation
    c925867 Revert "Fix internal GHC module translation"
    43f2747 Always use the ident as an anchor
    0ff0841 Update internal GHC module translations
    53a63a1 Fix internal GHC module translation
    git-subtree-dir: site-lisp/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: 47d90c83f101596be92a44d98b9ebf8a6089efc0
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