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bbdb-vcard-export record name change #8

henrylaxen opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Dear John,

While reading the page on the emacswiki: I saw your comment saying: "I’ve ported this module to BBDB 3. – JohnWiegley" Keeping to the adage that no good deed shall go unpunished, I installed it in my spanking new arch linux system. However it crashed when I tried to use it. The latest bbdb which I installed via melpa (Version: 20131116.930) seems to have changed the name of the function bbdb-record-note to bbdb-record-xfield. Here is the diff that got it to work once again:

 <         (notes (bbdb-record-xfield record 'note))
 >         (notes (bbdb-record-note record 'note))
 <         (categories (bbdb-record-xfield record 'category)))
 >         (categories (bbdb-record-note record 'category)))

It is easily achieved by doing a query-replace bbdb-record-note -> bbdb-record-xfield

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,
Henry Laxen

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