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Emacs Modules written by John Wiegley

This directory contains Lisp modules I’ve written, or maintain, and which are still actively used. For older modules, see the ../retired directory.



Perform a regex search through a C/C++ file, and also every file causes to be included. Displays the output in outline-mode so you can see the structure of how things are included. It includes a simple preprocessor and colorizes the results according to whether the matched would be included in the compilation or not (this part needs a bit more work though).


Perform a quick HyperSpec lookup in Emacs, using the Info pages. This is incredibly helpful if you’ve forgotten the exactly syntax to `loop’, for example. Oh wait, I just forgot it again, looking it up in cl-info…


Code for obtaining a URL to the currently selected database item in DEVONthink, a database program on Mac OS X (and one of my favorite programs of all time!). You can then use `org-insert-link’ to insert the link into any Org file.



A complete chess client and library (but with only a minimal chess AI). The main use to play against Crafty, or GnuChess, or online at It can also be used for working through puzzles, annotating games, visualizing a PGN file, playing against an Emacs Chess friend on IRC, and much, much more.


An operating system shell written entirely in Emacs Lisp. It’s main selling points are excellent integration with Lisp, and the fact that it works the same on all operating systems that run Emacs, as most are the core commands (cp, rm, ls, etc.) are in Lisp too.


Observe the e-mail addresses that you see while reading and writing e-mail, and record them all in an SQLite database, along with weighting values and a time stamp. Then, when you write a message, you can complete against the most likely candidates for a given substring.


Split up your Emacs customizations across multiple files.


An authoring and publishing tool for Emacs. Write in a simplified markup format – similar, but not identical to, Markdown – and then publish to multiple output formats: HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, and more. Support projects, the creation of websites, and easy integration of additional backends.


A regular expression workshop for programmers, supporting both Perl and Emacs Lisp regexp syntax. Basically it creates a new frame with three windows: one where you type the target data, another where you type the regexp, and a third that shows the matching groups. The target data gets color-highlighted as you type, so you can easily find problems in really complex regexps.