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Magit is currently in feature freeze. Please keep that in mind when suggesting new features or submitting code contributions.

No new features will be implemented on the master branch, even if they are "obviously not going to cause any problems" (this has frequently turned out not to be true after all). Even for bugfixes the threshold is fairly high now; if fixing a bug which has existed for years seems risky, then it won't be fixed now.

Very few new features will be implemented on the next branch. Basically only features that help fixing existing features might be implemented despite the feature freeze.

If you feel that your issue or new feature is important enough to violate the above restrictions, then please explicitly note that you have read this and explain in your initial post why you feel an exception should be made. That way I at least do not have to repeat the above yet once more.

Please also consider whether your feature really is important enough that implementing it now is justification enough to further delay the release of the many new and many more improved features in next.

Also see the Roadmap toward 2.1.0.

Report issues here, and open pull requests here.