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# Makefile - for the org-mode distribution
# GNU make is required
# This file is not part of GNU Emacs
# set up environment
include mk/ # defaults, customizable via ""
-include # optional local customization, use as template
# default target is "all" unless overridden in
# Describe valid make targets for org-mode.
.PHONY: targets help helpall
targets: help
help helpall::
$(info )
$(info Getting Help)
$(info ============)
$(info make help - show brief help)
$(info make targets - ditto)
$(info make helpall - show extended help)
$(info )
$(info Build and Check)
$(info ===============)
$(info make - build Org ELisp and all documentation)
$(info make all - ditto)
$(info make compile - build Org ELisp files)
$(info make single - build Org ELisp files, single Emacs per source)
$(info make autoloads - create org-loaddefs.el to load Org in-place)
$(info make test - build Org ELisp files and run test suite)
$(info make test-dirty - check without building first)
$(info make compile-dirty - build only stale Org ELisp files)
$(info )
$(info Compatibility)
$(info =============)
$(info make oldorg - what the old make did: compile autoloads info)
$(info )
$(info Cleaning)
$(info ========)
$(info make clean - remove built Org ELisp files and documentation)
$(info make cleanall - remove everything that can be built and all remnants)
$(info make clean-install - remove previous Org installation)
$(info )
$(info Configuration Check)
$(info ===================)
help helpall::
$(info make config - check main configuration)
$(info make config-version - check Org version)
$(info make config-test - check test configuration)
$(info make config-exe - check executables configuration)
$(info make config-cmd - check command configuration)
$(info make config-all - check all configuration)
$(info )
$(info Documentation)
$(info =============)
help helpall::
$(info make doc - build all documentation)
$(info make docs - ditto)
help helpall::
$(info make info - build Info documentation)
$(info make html - build HTML documentation)
$(info make pdf - build PDF documentation)
$(info make card - build reference cards)
$(info make refcard - ditto)
help helpall::
$(info )
$(info Installation)
$(info ============)
$(info make install - build and install Org)
$(info make install-etc - build and install files in /etc)
$(info make install-lisp - build and install Org Elisp files)
$(info make install-info - build and install Info documentation)
$(info )
$(info Convenience)
$(info ===========)
$(info make up0 - pull from upstream)
$(info make up1 - pull from upstream, build and check)
$(info make up2 - pull from upstream, build, check and install)
$(info make update - pull from upstream and build)
$(info make update2 - pull from upstream, build and install)
$(info make uncompiled - combine cleanlisp and autoloads)
$(info make - create new as template for adaptation)
help helpall::
$(info )
$(info Full documentation on Worg)
$(info ==========================)
@echo ""
include mk/ # toplevel make machinery