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This is the Emacs Org project, an Emacs library for organizing your life.
The homepage of Org is at:
Installations instructions are at:
This distribution contains an ELPA packaged version of Org.
"ELPA" stands for the "Emacs Lisp Package Archive".
The GNU ELPA is at:
It contains the org-*.tar package, containing only the org files
that are also part of GNU Emacs.
There are other ELPA online, offering more packages.
Some contain the org-plus-contrib-*.tar ELPA package, which bundles
the core Org files plus many additional contributed libraries.
All ELPA packages of Org contain:
This file.
Elisp files.
The Org info manual.
The Org reference card.
Libraries for the ODT exporter.
The name of the package, requested GNU Emacs packaging system.