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@@ -9,33 +9,6 @@ See the end of the file for license conditions.
Please send Org bug reports to
* Version 8.2
-** Incompatible changes
-** Important bugfixes
-** New features
-*** org-id.el with be loaded automatically when needed to follow a link
-Thanks to Oleh for the patch
-*** Global cycling preserves point strictly
-*** New agenda view fortnight, covering 14 days
-Thanks to Michael Gauland for the patch.
-*** New functions for paragraph-like motion
-`org-forward-paragraph' and `org-backward-paragraph' use knowledge
-about elements to provide good paragraph motion in Org files. These
-cammands are bound to `C-down' and `C-up'.
-Thanks to Nicolas Goaziou for the implementation.
-** New options
-* Version 8.1
** Incompatible changes
@@ -94,9 +67,13 @@ Arguments in hooks and in filters are still symbols, though.
*** [[doc:org-insert-heading][org-insert-heading]] has been rewritten and bugs are now fixed
*** The replacement of disputed keys is now turned of when reading a date
+*** Match string for sparse trees can now contain a slash in a property value
+ You can now have searches like SOMEPROP="aaa/bbb". Until now,
+ this would break because the slash would be interpreted as the
+ separator starting a TOTO match string.
** New features
-*** You can now use =xdg-open= to control how to open files
*** =C-c ^ x= will now sort checklist items by their checked status
See [[doc:org-sort-list][org-sort-list]]: hitting =C-c ^ x= will put checked items at the end
@@ -113,11 +90,11 @@ of the list.
- The dependency on the =latexsym= LaTeX package has been removed, we
now use =amssymb= symbols by default instead.
-*** Remapping =forward-paragraph= and =backward-paragraph=
-=forward-paragraph= and =backward-paragraph= are now remapped to
-[[doc:org-forward-element][org-forward-element]] and [[doc:org-backward-element][org-backward-element]] respectively.
-E.g. hitting =C-<down>= on a headline will move to the next headline.
+*** New functions for paragraph motion
+ The commands =C-down= and =C-up= now invoke special commands
+ that use knowledge from the org-elements parser to move the cursor
+ in a paragraph-like way.
*** New entities in =org-entities.el=
@@ -136,6 +113,10 @@ which can then be passed to export functions like
It allows for quick translation of Org syntax without the overhead of
registering a new back-end.
+*** New agenda fortnight view
+ The agenda has not, in addition to day, week, month, and year
+ views, also a fortnight view covering 14 days.
** New options
*** New option [[doc:org-bookmark-names-plist][org-bookmark-names-plist]]
@@ -177,6 +158,10 @@ If you set this to the following
then inline code snippets will be wrapped into the formatting string.
+*** New option: [[doc:org-special-ctrl-o][org-special-ctrl-o]]
+ This variable can be used to turn off the special behavior of
+ =C-o= in tables.
** New contributed packages
- =ox-bibtex.el= by Nicolas Goaziou :: an utility to handle BibTeX

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