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Changelog of svndumptool
0.6.0: Bugfix release (2009-08-14)
- Add "apply-autoprops" command.
- Fixed lots of bugs.
0.5.0: Bugfix release (2008-06-16).
- Don't require "Text-content-md5" header. (Useful for vss2svn dump files.)
- Fix a bug in check: Property changes on the root dir reported errors.
- Added support for py2exe to
- Using the oldest date for r0 now when merging multiple dump files.
- Remove mode option from eolfix and automatically switch to regex mode.
0.4.0: Feature release (2007-04-11)
- New commands 'ls', 'sanitize', 'transform-revprop'.
- Make cvs2svn created dumps work (somewhat).
- Delete temp files.
- Many bugfixes.
0.3.0: Feature release (2005-07-12)
- Using tuples for revision dates now.
- Removed the rev date adjustement and fixed related bugs.
- Made UUID optional for processing dumps created by cvs2svn.
- Replaced node list by ListDict and added new get_node functions.
- Added new commands check, copy, export, join, log and split.
- Added
0.2.1: Bugfix release (2005-07-02)
- Use get_rev_date_str() instead of get_rev_date() in because
get_rev_date returns an adjusted date, have to change that later.
- Use the right values for copy-from path and revision in __change_node().
- Open files in binary mode to circumvent windows CRLF bug.
- Open warn file for writing in
0.2: First public release (2005-03-20)