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This file lists the contributors to svndumptool. Thank you for your work!
Should I have forgotten to add anyone please tell me.
Tom Taxon
- Add delete-empty-revs command.
- Add add-git-ignore command
- Add list-large-files command
- Add dump-authors command
Wojciech Dec
- Add eolfix-revprop and eoldix-prop command.
Eli Carter
- Delete temp files.
- Fix typo in a function comment.
- Add sanitize and transform-prop command.
- Bugfixes and cleanup.
Bernd Rinn
- In export command strip leading slashes in repospath.
- In export command fix an error message.
- Always print revision numbers in diff output.
- Add setter function for date author log uuid and revprops to SvnDumpFile.
- Add transform-revprop command.
Christian Iversen
- Idea for command 'ls'.
Nathan Kidd
- Make Text-content-md5 optional (for vss2svn).
Chuck Esterbrook
- Feedback about eolfix not working when a regex is specified but
mode not set to regex.
Anthony Gianakas
- Extension to for creating a windows executable.
Jim Lawton
- Bugfix: Diff command reported the wrong dump file for missing nodes.
Ryan Schmidt
- Remove mode option from eolfix in README.txt.
- Fix regular expression in eolfix example.
- Fix typos and spelling issues in README.txt.
Tomas Juknevicius
- Bugfix in edit --propdel.
Bryce Schober
- Add --verbose mode to check command, more explicit output.
- Add regular expression rename support to merge command.
- Move history and check code to SvnDumpFileWithHistory.
Kevin Grover
- Before exporting check that export files have been specified.
- Teach apply-autoprops how to find subversions config on windows.
- When available use hashlib instead of md5.
Matthias Troffaes
- Fix initialisation bug in merge (problem with -x).
Serge Levin
- Bugfix: Missing UUID caused traceback.
Benjamin Baumann
- when the dump is not consistent, handle conflicts caused by copy_from_rev revision number that does not exist any longer.
Ole Martin Handeland
- Add remove-prop command