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TODO list for svndumptool
* export: check that -d works.
* check: check that copy-from revision < current revision.
* merge: leading slash for -x doesn't work.
* possible problems with cvs2svn created dumps and copied path's:
- merge: mkdir exclude may fail
- check: may output false negatives
- diff: may output wrong diffs of node kind
* check: It's not an error if the date of r0 is after the date of r1
so it should not complain (maybe just warn).
* merge: Handling of revprops of revision 0? May apply to other cmds too.
* Error if UUID is missing in VSS2SVN created dumps.
Cleanup and possible bugs:
* Cleanup temp files: Make sure a temp file is not deleted as long as it
is still used (can multiple nodes have the same temp file?).
* Cleanup sanitize: better handling of temp files.
* Transform-[rev]prop: Use re.sub() function.
* check: Use node.get_kind() in history code, a few places use
nodehist[0][0] to get the kind but should be only nodehist[0].
* Improve help texts, add short description like svn, add some longer
help texts, f.ex. --long-help or --example or ...
* Output all errors to stderr (even help text caused by an error).
* Output an error if an unknown command is requested.
* ls: Directorys should have a trailing / when output.
* Add an option for setting the date of rev 0 when merging.
* Eolfix dryrun should check EOL's.
* Merge: make the root renamable too.
* Check that svn:date and __rev_date are always the same.
* Move tests from into a package and add more tests...
* Output an error if a file exists that should be opened for writing.
* Edit: Add some more modifications. e.g. regex filename support, propset...
* Add support for sha1?
* Make export smarter. Now it wants the exact path and revision of a file.
The UI should also be improved. Add support for exporting dirs.
* Where applicable REV should accept HEAD and do the right thing.
* New command 'filter', same as svndumpfilter.
* Make an abstract base class for SvnDumpFile (maybe SvnDumpReader)
and make SvnDumpMerge, SvnDumpEolFix, SvnDumpFilter and SvnDumpEdit
subclasses of it. Those commands can then be chained, something like:
SvnDumpFile -> SvnDumpEolFix -> copy_dump_file()
* Streamy versions of SvnDumpFile and SvnDumpNode (stdin/stdout).
* Add rev-prop support to transform-prop, remove transform-revprop.