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pdf2djvu creates DjVu files from PDF files.

It's able to extract:

  • graphics,
  • text layer,
  • hyperlinks,
  • document outline (bookmarks),
  • metadata (including XMP metadata).

pdf2djvu is developed primarily for Unix-like systems, but a Windows distribution is available too.


The following software is required to build pdf2djvu:

  • C++11 compiler;
  • GNU make;
  • DjVuLibre (≥ 3.5.25), both the library and the command line tools;
  • Poppler (≥ 0.62), including xpdf headers;
  • pkg-config.

The following software is recommended:

  • gettext for internationalization;
  • Exiv2 (≥ 0.21) and libuuid (part of util-linux or e2fsprogs) for correctly dealing with XMP metadata;
  • GraphicsMagick for the --fg-colors=N option.

For the -j/--jobs option, the compiler must support OpenMP.

To run the tests, the following software is needed:

To correctly convert some PDF files (mostly in Chinese, Japanese or Korean), the poppler-data package must be installed.