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-A constraint-based replacement for NSSplitView.
+`JWSplitView` is a constraint-based replacement for NSSplitView. Although there are improvements to NSSplitView in OS X 10.8, I grew tired of the delegate methods and odd workarounds to prevent proportional resizing. The goal of `JWSplitView` is to eventually become a complete replacement for NSSplitView. The current version is far from complete.
+This readme will be updated in the near future with more detailed information.
+##Current Capabilities
+As of now, `JWSplitView` does not do proportional resizing. However, it supports save & restore.
+The current version of `JWSplitView` is somewhat a proof-of-concept. There are a couple of things that aren't implemented that should be done immediately:
+- Implement the block-based divider drawing (currently draws a black bar)
+- Implement priority resizing options
+`JWFolders` is licensed under the [BSD License](
+##About Me
+I'm an 18-year-old developer and designer with a passion for great interface design and detail. See my [applications](, learn more [about me](, or [get in touch](

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