@alacritty-builds alacritty-builds released this Nov 13, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release

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Version 0.2.3


  • Mouse cursor alignment issues and truncated last line caused by incorrect padding calculations

Version 0.2.2


  • Add support for Windows
  • Add terminfo capabilities advertising support for changing the window title
  • Allow using scancodes in the key_bindings section
  • When mouse.url.launcher is set, clicking on URLs will now open them with the specified program
  • New mouse.url.modifiers option to specify keyboard modifiers for opening URLs on click
  • Binaries for macOS, Windows and Debian-based systems are now published with GitHub releases
  • The keys F16-F24 have been added as options for key bindings


  • The colors.cursor.text and colors.cursor.cursor fields are optional now
  • Moved cursor_style to cursor.style
  • Moved unfocused_hollow_cursor to cursor.unfocused_hollow
  • Moved hide_cursor_when_typing to mouse.hide_when_typing
  • Mouse bindings now ignore additional modifiers
  • Extra padding is now spread evenly around the terminal grid


  • The custom_cursor_colors config field was deleted, remove the colors.cursor.* options
    to achieve the same behavior as setting it to false


  • Fixed erroneous results when using the indexed_colors config option
  • Fixed rendering cursors other than rectangular with the RustType backend
  • Selection memory leak and glitches in the alternate screen buffer
  • Invalid default configuration on macOS and Linux
  • Middle mouse pasting if mouse mode is enabled
  • Selections now properly update as you scroll the scrollback buffer while selecting
  • NUL character at the end of window titles
  • DPI Scaling when moving windows across monitors
  • On macOS, issues with Command-[KEY] and Control-Tab keybindings have been fixed
  • Incorrect number of columns/lines when using the window.dimensions option
  • On Wayland, windows will no longer be spawned outside of the visible region
  • Resizing of windows without decorations
  • On Wayland, key repetition works again
  • On macOS, Alacritty will now use the integrated GPU again when available
  • On Linux, the WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR environment variable can be set from the config now