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@chrisduerr chrisduerr released this Apr 8, 2019

Version 0.3.0

Official announcement:


  • On Linux, the .desktop file now uses Alacritty as icon name, which can be
    found at extra/logo/alacritty-term.svg


  • MSI installer for Windows is now available
  • New default key bindings Alt+Home, Alt+End, Alt+PageUp and Alt+PageDown
  • Dynamic title support on Windows
  • Ability to specify starting position with the --position flag
  • New configuration field window.position allows specifying the starting position
  • Added the ability to change the selection color
  • Text will reflow instead of truncating when resizing Alacritty
  • Underline text and change cursor when hovering over URLs with required modifiers pressed


  • Clicking on non-alphabetical characters in front of URLs will no longer open them
  • Command keybindings on Windows will no longer open new cmd.exe console windows
  • On macOS, automatic graphics switching has been temporarily disabled due to a macos bug


  • Fix panic which could occur when quitting Alacritty on Windows if using the Conpty backend
  • Automatic copying of selection to clipboard when mouse is released outside of Alacritty
  • Scrollback history live reload only working when shrinking lines
  • Crash when decreasing scrollback history in config while scrolled in history
  • Resetting the terminal while in the alt screen will no longer disable scrollback
  • Cursor jumping around when leaving alt screen while not in the alt screen
  • Text lingering around when resetting while scrolled up in the history
  • Terminfo support for extended capabilities
  • Allow mouse presses and beginning of mouse selection in padding
  • Windows: Conpty backend could close immediately on startup in certain situations
  • FreeBSD: SpawnNewInstance will now open new instances in the shell's current
    working directory as long as linprocfs(5) is mounted on /compat/linux/proc
  • Fix lingering Alacritty window after child process has exited
  • Growing the terminal while scrolled up will no longer move the content down
  • Support for alternate keyboard layouts on macOS
  • Slow startup time on some X11 systems
  • The AltGr key no longer sends escapes (like Alt)
  • Fixes increase/decrease font-size keybindings on international keyboards
  • On Wayland, the --title flag will set the Window title now
  • Parsing issues with URLs starting in the first or ending in the last column
  • URLs stopping at double-width characters
  • Fix start_maximized option on X11
  • Error when parsing URLs ending with Unicode outside of the ascii range
  • On Windows, focusing a Window will no longer start a selection
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