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Kablammo is a BLAST visualization tool. Given a set of BLAST results in XML format, Kablammo will illustrate exactly which portions of the query sequence (i.e., the sequence you gave BLAST) map to which portions of the subject sequence (i.e., the sequence BLAST found in its database that aligns to your input). This can be of considerable value in visualizing genome misassembly.

You may access an already-deployed copy of Kablammo. For more details, please see my blog post on Kablammo.


To run Kablammo, simply serve its directory via any static-file web server, then access index.html in your browser. An easy means of deployment, then, is thus:

  1. Run python3 -m http.server or python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer from Kablammo's directory.
  2. Access http://localhost:8000 in your web browser.

Serving BLAST results

Kablammo supports two means of loading BLAST XML results.

  1. Kablammo allows the user to load a result set from her local machine; to make this work, the server administrator needn't do anything -- all processing is done on the client side, and never touches the server.

  2. Kablammo allows the user to load a result set located on the server. This permits workflows in which BLAST is run on the server and the client visualizes the results in her web browser, without having to first download the XML-formatted results from the server. The result sets Kablammo lists are dictated by the data/blast_results.json file. To generate this file, put your BLAST result files (or symlinks to them) in the data/ directory, then run data/


Reach me via my web site or on Twitter.