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A Rust-based library for handling accounting data.


There are two methods of building. The first is building natively, which allows you to run tests locally. To build natively, run:

cargo build

To build the wasm module, you need to first install the necessary prerequisites:

# We use nightly rust for a few features
rustup default nightly

# Install wasm-pack
curl -sSf | sh

# Install the latest npm (if you don't have npm installed, then you'll need
# to do this first. It comes with nodejs, so however you want to install nodejs
# on your system is probably fine)
npm install npm@latest -g

Once the prerequisites are installed, you can run:

wasm-pack build


If you compiled the native code, you can run the unit tests with the command:

cargo test

To test the wasm module, we have a very small test application in www. You will need to set it up locally on your machine. To do this, run:

# First, make sure the wasm package is linked within npm
cd pkg
npm link

# Now, install npm dependencies and make sure we can see the cratchit wasm
# module
cd ../www
npm install
npm link cratchit

You should now be able to run:

npm start

within the www subdirectory, which will spawn a webserver at localhost:8080 that you can navigate to within a web browser to test the wasm module.


A dual rust crate and npm module for working with accounting data


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