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+The following bugs have been sighted, but not root-caused:
+Certain sequences of loading and unloading the driver (and connecting and
+disconnecting the phone) can cause the driver to leak a refcount to itself.
+For instance, the sequence --
+ plug in phone
+ set phone to tethering
+ load driver
+ do some operations...
+ unload driver
+ load driver
+ (checkbox on phone will have unticked itself; phone will be confused)
+ driver wedges during ::enable, since rndis driver on phone has died
+ unplug phone
+ attempt to unload driver
+results in the message --
+ (kernel) Can't unload kext com.joshuawise.kexts.HoRNDIS; classes have instances:
+ (kernel) Kext com.joshuawise.kexts.HoRNDIS class HoRNDIS has 1 instance.
+and the interesting commentary from the kernel --
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: outputPacket: waiting for buffer...
+ --- last message repeated 9 times ---
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: outputPacket: timed out waiting for buffer
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: dataWriteComplete: I/O error: e00002ed
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: clearPipeStall: pipe not stalled?
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: dataReadComplete: I/O aborted: device unplugged?
+ configd[17]: DHCP en3: INIT transmit failed
+ configd[17]: arp_client_open_fd: bpf_setif(en3) failed: Device not configured (6)
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: message: kIOMessageServiceWasClosed
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: rndisSetPacketFilter: SET not successful?
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: message: kIOMessageServiceIsTerminated
+ bruges kernel[0]: HoRNDIS: dataWriteComplete: I/O error: e00002eb
+ --- last message repeated 14 times ---

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