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I've joined the #100DaysOfHealthing Challenge.


If you've decided to join:

  1. Read 100 Days of Healthing
  2. Fork the repo
  3. Work on health and self care at least an hour a day for the next 100 days.
  4. Make your own copy of the sample log file, and name it with your name, twitter handle, or whatever.
  5. Delete the examples in the sample (or comment them out), and start filling it with your own content.
  6. Use that file to update your progress however you'd like (sample below, if you want one!)
  7. Submit a pull request to have your progress added to the main repo! Note: please submit only your participant log with that pull request; otherwise, it might gum up the repo a bit.
  8. Change the date in Rules to the day you've started the challenge.
  9. Tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfHealthing hashtag.
  10. Follow 100DaysOfHealthing on Twitter. coming soon
  11. If you find a great, helpful resource that others would benefit from, either submit a Pull Request to add it to the repo, or just tweet at me (see info below).


  • Encourage others who are doing the same challenge on Twitter or elsewhere - by giving them props when they are posting updates on their progress, supporting them when things get difficult. Thus we will grow a community that is helpful and effective, which will lead to a higher success rate for each person involved. It's also more likely that you will stick to your own commitment, given that you will get acquainted with a couple people (or more) right away.
  • If you have any questions or ideas about 100DaysOfHealthing (or other ideas), feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @jwithy
  • If you like this repo and find it useful, please consider ★ starring it (on top right of the page) 😀
  • Originally forked from the amazing 100 Days of Code project. 🙌 ❤️


Fork this template for the 100 days of healthing - to keep yourself accountable






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