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how to use maven

maven is optional and complementary to the rake build process whioch works with MRI and JRUBY.

install maven explains how to install maven.

maven goals

you can execute maven in the project root directory or in any of its subdirectories.

mvn install

builds all the jar files, run all specs and installs them in the local maven repository.

mvn test

will run all specs !!

command line switches

all command line switches work for both the test as well the install goal.

to skip all specs execute

mvn install -DskipSpecs=true

to exclude one or the other database call

mvn install -P skip_oracle,skip_sqlserver

to have the reactor run over all subdirectories add the fail-at-end flag

mvn install -fae

mvn checkstyle:checkstyle

just prints out all the style 'errors' for each subdirectory into the console

mvn findbugs:findbugs

this goal produces a html page which can be viewed by something like

firefox target/site/findbugs.html &

switching jruby version

without any extra arguments the jruby version is the default from the rails-maven-plugin, but with an extra argument


maven downloads (if needed) the respective jruby version and uses it.