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* James W. Morris <>
forker of Specimen to Petri-Foo, primary developer of Petri-Foo
added modulation routing, midi-cc as modulation sources, remover
of deprecated GUI code, etc, etc, etc.
* Brendan Jones <>
Added auto-preview and a keyboard shortcut to sample-selector,
and minimum and maximum velocity values for patch.
Specimen AUTHORS
Petri-Foo began as a fork of Specimen.
Specimen was written by the following people:
-*- text -*-
* Pete Bessman <>
Founder, primary developer untill 2005-09-14
* Alexander <>
modified midi.c to treat note-on events with velocity of 0x00 as
* Dave Robillard <>
Lash support. Removed Gnome-ui requirement for about dialog.
* David R. Clark <>
Invaluable testing, feedback, and discussion, as well as some nifty
sample generating programs.
* Dimitry Baikov <>
Added support for MIDI CC events.
Update to jack_midi API.
* Lars Luthman <>
Jack-midi implementation.
* Loki Davison <>
Sync code, and initial implementation of lots of stuff which got
lost during The Cleansing. Responsible for convincing ninjadroid to
keep on hacking.
* Nedko Arnaudov <>
Made specimen window resizeable.
* peter <>
Rewrote the build system during the year of limbo.
* Sacha Berger <>
updated beef.c to reflect newly gained parameters.
* Thorsten Wilms <>
UI advice, and designed the fansliders used extensively in the GUI.
* Torben Hohn <>
was an immense help to Pete in optimizing the waveform code (and he
pointed out that it needed to be done in the first place).
* Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <>