Extensible, hierarchical, and pluggable navigation system for Django sites
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An extensible, hierarchical, and pluggable navigation system for Django sites.

django-treenav was designed from the start to live independent of a CMS implementation. As a separate application, treenav can easily be integrated into existing, custom setups and does not enforce or require users to use a particular content management system.

Sharing the same principals, django-pagelets integrates seamlessly with treenav and can be used together to create a flexible CMS product.

For complete documentation checkout, http://django-treenav.readthedocs.org


  • Generic functionality with multiple URL specifications: get_absolute_url(), reverse(), or raw URLs
  • Packaged with templates to render the tree hierarchy with nested <ul>'s, but can easily be overridden with custom templates
  • Useful CSS classes for flexible UI customization
  • Automatically sets "active" on item and item's parents if PATH_INFO is equal to item.href
  • Efficient: minimizes database access with django-mptt functionality
  • Caches the tree so that repeated page views to not hit the database.
  • Simple links in the MenuItem list view for refreshing the cache and href from the database.


  • django

  • django-mptt

    Version 4.2 and lower contains a bug that causes children menu items to become out of order when saved as a formset in Django's admin interface.

    This issue has been resolved in the latest development version of django-mptt, which can be installed with:

    pip install -e git+https://github.com/django-mptt/django-mptt.git#egg=django-mptt


  1. Install the app with pip:

    pip install django-treenav
  2. Add to your INSTALLED_APPS and run syncdb:

  3. Include these context processors:

  4. Add these urls:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^treenav/', include('treenav.urls.admin')),
        (r'^treenav-missing/', include('treenav.urls.undefined_url')),

Development sponsored by Caktus Consulting Group, LLC.