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Getting to 2.3

  • get a list of gems (look at require statements using git grep)
  • get a list of find :all and find :one (we'll need to replace those with scopes)
  • Look at your helpers and views -- remote_form_for and remote_link_to are giveaways to rewrite in UJS
  • Look at your gems --- if you're still in production in Rails 2.3, you'll likely need to upgrade gems to different versions
  • Look at your test suite (if any). Make a set of controller tests that load your page. If RSpec 1.0, integrate with webkit to load every page in the system. This is your sanity check.
  • Look at your Routes file. If it's just a - [controller/action/id] , you're in for a hard time. Eventually we'll remove this and have a proper routing system

Getting to Rails 3.0

  • git checkout -b oh-noes-here-we-goes
  • Use the Rails 3.0 upgrade tool RailsCast to overwrite your current application
  • Get your Gemfile in order, attempting to load rails console as you go
  • Update your ActiveRecord queries to the new syntax
  • Loading rails console is a huge deal: Have a {chocolate,whiskey,beers}
  • Let's run that test suite. If you're test unit: yay! If you're rspec, upgrade! (probably best to delete spec/helper and rails g rspec:install
  • run your javascript tests (hahahahaha omg I know right?!?!!!)
  • If your pages load, that means you have a somewhat functioning rails 3.0 application. Commit your changes and get it on heroku for your staff/helpers/friends&family to go to
  • Let's talk about Authentication. Don't continue to run acts_as_authenticatable or auth_modules just because its there. My recommendation: replace with devise and send your users a link to reset their password. This is controversial, as your users will know something's up… but: something IS up, you're not as secure as you need to be
  • Update your mailers to the new syntax (and add tests to cover this case)

Getting to Rails 3.2

  • upgrade your gem file to 3.2.13
  • Add these gems to your Gemfile under a new "assets group"
  • Move your public/images to app/assets/images
  • Move your public/stylesheets to app/assets/stylesheets
  • Move your public/javascripts to app/assets/javascripts
  • Go through your stylesheets and look for urls(); if local, replace with
    image-url() (Sass)
  • Remove any layouts that individually call stylesheets and javascripts
  • See if your pages start to break open and swallow you hole
  • Remove jQuery
  • move your JavaScript libs (underscore, etc) to vendor/assets
  • build your application.scss and application.js --- don't put code in these files, just require other files (or load the entire tree)
  • find the problems when you're loading every CSS and JS on every page --- it's very common and you might need to change your application to be nicer
  • commit and push to heroku. do a little dance if it loads. ask for feedback

Getting to 4.0

  • upgrade to your Gemfile to rails 4.0.0.rc1
  • Add turbolinks to your Gemfile and to your application.js (//= require
  • Add strong-parameters to your Gemfile -- go through your applications and implement -- Railscast Pro
  • View this talk on caching and see about doing these things
  • Run your app -- if it runs with turblolinks: you are one of the chosen few. If not:
  • add turbo-links-jquery to your Gemfile and try again. If not:
  • remove turbolinks for this application. (keep calm and disable turbo links)

Let's talk about your database bro:

  • If you're on MySql, let's change to Postgresql, locally too
  • What about if you're TOTES into prototype: keep prototyping for now with prototype-rails and jQuery.noconflict
  • What about if you used the hell out of observers: use it with

Let's talk about deprecated gems:

  • [] You have 1 major version before they'll stop working and nobody will care.
  • What about if you're using a gem with no upgrade path: Remove or Replace the feature

Let's talk about how to prevent this from happening in the future:

  • ABU -- always be upgrading. Use it like this: Hey, what are you doing this monday: Upgrading dude. Always be upgrading.
  • Don't get more than a release behind --- Rails moves quickly and you can be obsolete (no help, no security updates) very quickly.

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