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Literate Elm Solutions

Solutions to the Advent of Code programming challenges using literate Elm. These are created in the litvis environment and although viewable as normal markdown, to compute the answers and format output, they are best viewed in Atom/VSCode with litvis installed.

Day 2015 2016 2017 2018
1 Not Quite Lisp x x Chronal Calibration
2 I Was Told There Would Be No Math x x Inventory Management System
3 Perfectly Spherical Houses in a Vacuum x x No Matter How You Slice It
4 The Ideal Stocking Stuffer x x Repose Record
5 Doesn't He Have Intern-Elves For This? x x Alchemical Reduction
6 Probably a Fire Hazard x x Chronal Coordinates
7 Some Assembly Required x x The Sum of Its Parts
8 Matchsticks x x Memory Maneuver
9 All in a Single Night x Stream Processing Marble Mania
10 Elves Look, Elves Say x x The Stars Align
11 Corporate Policy x x Chronal Charge
12 x x Subterranean Sustainability
13 Knights of the Dinner Table x x Mine Cart Madness
14 Reindeer Olympics x x Chocolate Charts
15 Science for Hungry People x x Beverage Bandits
16 Aunt Sue x x Chronal Classification
17 No Such Thing as Too Much x x Reservoir Research
18 Like a GIF For Your Yard x x Settlers of The North Pole
19 Medicine for Rudolph x x Go With The Flow
20 Infinite Elves and Infinite Houses x x A Regular Map
21 RPG Simulator 20XX x x Chronal Conversion
22 x x x Mode Maze
23 Opening the Turing Lock x x Experimental Emergency Teleportation
24 x x x Immune System Simulator 20XX
25 x x x Four-Dimensional Adventure
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