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Project Status: Active — The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. MIT License

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Packaged projects for the Python programming language are distributed in two main formats: sdists (archives of code and other files that require processing before they can be installed) and wheels (zipfiles of code ready for immediate installation). A project's wheel contains the complete information about what modules, files, & commands the project installs, along with information about what other projects the project depends on, but the Python Package Index (PyPI) (where wheels are distributed) doesn't expose any of this information! This is the problem that Wheelodex is here to solve.

Wheelodex scans PyPI for wheel files, analyzes them, and stores & displays the results. The site allows users to view the complete metadata inside wheels, search for wheels containing a given Python module or file, browse or search for wheels that define a given command or other entry point, and even find out projects' reverse dependencies.

Note that, in order to save disk space, Wheelodex only records data on wheels from the latest version of each PyPI project; wheels from older versions are periodically purged from the database. Projects' long descriptions aren't even recorded at all.

Suggestions and pull requests are welcome.