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The name came from a play on Tourette's and RETS. Because when you work with RETS you feel like you have Tourette's.

The goal of this gem is to make a really clean and familiar API for connecting to a RETS server. This gem was designed to be used with rails, so it takes a lot of the API that rails uses. The other goal, aside from connecting to a RETS server, is to connect to multiple RETS. You might want to access one in San Diego, and one in Phoenix, and another in South Beach. If this gem is done correctly, then doing that would be a super easy task!


This gem relies heavily on the work done by Zachary Anker (zanker) with the ruby-rets gem. There is a TouRETS::Search#find class which just makes a direct call to the RETS::Base::Core#search. This gives you the option to still use that gem inside of this one.