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Add Karim as auto-translate owner

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karimMourra committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent 1edc7a4 commit c45f3810c276074002fa95ab7646f24d6380d873
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@@ -4,5 +4,11 @@

* @robwalch
/test/unit/ @jnatalzia
jwplayer/src/css/ @pajong @DanFerrer @robwalch @jnatalzia
jwplayer/src/js/program @johnBartos @robwalch
/src/css/ @pajong @DanFerrer @robwalch @jnatalzia
/src/js/program @johnBartos @robwalch

# Auto-translate
/src/assets/translations @karimMourra
/src/js/utils/language.js @karimMourra
/src/js/api/setup-steps.js @karimMourra @robwalch
/test/unit/language-test.js @karimMourra

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