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Commits on Oct 9, 2015
  1. @donato

    Merge pull request #806 from jwplayer/feature/display-icon-visible-pa…

    donato authored
    JW7-1258 Display the display icon when paused on mobile
  2. @donato

    Merge pull request #807 from jwplayer/bugfix/overlays-no-cursor

    donato authored
    JW7-1536 - Mouse cursor visible on fullscreen overlays, no mousing the time tooltip
Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. JW7-1536 - Mouse cursor visible on fullscreen overlays, no mousing th…

    Kyle Aurand authored
    …e time tooltip
  2. @pajong
  3. @donato

    Merge pull request #800 from chrisdeely/custom-caption-parsing

    donato authored
    Allow pre-processing of captions via a configuration setting
Commits on Oct 7, 2015
  1. @chrisdeely
  2. @robwalch

    Merge pull request #805 from jwplayer/refactor/set-item

    robwalch authored
    Remove setItem from model
  3. @robwalch

    Merge pull request #801 from jwplayer/refactor/setup-steps

    robwalch authored
    1. Refactor setup steps
  4. @donato

    Update qoe.js

    donato authored
  5. @donato

    Merge pull request #802 from jwplayer/bugfix/add-preload-to-source-level

    donato authored
    JW7-1559 Make preload bubble down to source level
  6. @pajong

    Add preload into source

    pajong authored
  7. @donato

    Remove setItem from model

    donato authored
    This change is a little superficial since it replaces "setItem" with "setActiveItem",
    however this is an important distinction.
    This is a transition stage before we replace "setActiveItem" to "setActiveMediaController"
  8. @donato

    Refactor setup steps

    donato authored
    The primary goal of this is to remove model.setItem from setup-steps.js
    This will make it easier to remove setItem from the model and move it into the controller.
    This change means that you are no longer guaranteed to have a playlistItem when setting up the view,
    so there is much more safety around setup methods in the view.
  9. @chrisdeely
Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @donato

    Merge pull request #799 from jwplayer/bugfix/preload-flash-fix

    donato authored
    JW7-842 Treat preload metadata as auto in flash provider
  2. @pajong
  3. @robwalch
  4. @robwalch

    Merge 7.1.x into master

    robwalch authored
  5. @pajong

    Merge pull request #788 from jwplayer/bugfix/dvr-tooltip

    pajong authored
    Show time tooltip for DVR streams
  6. @robwalch

    Merge pull request #797 from jwplayer/bugfix/ad-skip-button-and-overl…

    robwalch authored
    JW7-1342 Fix ad skip button and overlay ads on small player
  7. @robwalch


    robwalch authored
  8. @robwalch
  9. @robwalch
  10. @donato

    Merge pull request #791 from jwplayer/feature/update-util-unit-test

    donato authored
    JW7-1421 Update utils unit tests
  11. @robwalch
  12. @robwalch
  13. @robwalch
  14. @robwalch
  15. @robwalch
  16. @robwalch

    Fix right click js exception

    robwalch authored
  17. @pajong

    Merge pull request #795 from jwplayer/bugfix/update-buffer-ontime

    pajong authored
    Update buffer on time, not just duration and file progress
  18. @robwalch

    Merge pull request #796 from jwplayer/feature/preload-hls

    robwalch authored
    JW7-842 Add duration to metadata on meta event
  19. @pajong
Commits on Oct 5, 2015
  1. @pajong
  2. @robwalch
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