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JW Developer Demos

This repository is for managing the JW Player Developer Demos. It includes demos and code samples from the JW Player team as well as a Developer Showcase highlighting demos submitted by our developer community.

Demo Setup

All JW Developer demos can be downloaded and run locally. Build instructions and required components are outlined below.

Build Instructions

This project uses Yarn and Node.js. Install Node dependencies with yarn install, then build the project with Grunt with yarn build. You can also start a local server and watch changes locally with yarn start.

Contributing a Demo

Demo Structure

Each demo contains the following elements:


Only index.html and config.json are required for the build. index.html should contain a single-line player embed and config.json must include the demo title and description.

You can add a library property to your demo's config.json to automatically load a JW Player JavaScript API library. You can then call jwplayer() in your demo.js script. Alternatively, you can provide a full player id from a single-line embed with the player property.

Local assets (such as ad schedules or images) referenced within the demo should be saved in the assets directory. You can add additional scripts and stylesheets to the scripts and stylesheets arrays, respectively.

Please note

By submitting a demo, you are agreeing to license your demo under the Apache 2.0 license.

Config File

The config.json file provides metadata about your demo. It will be used to populate information about your demo on the page. Only title and description are required to build the demo, but we ask that you complete all fields for demo submissions.

  "title": "",
  "description": "",
  "license": "Free|Premium|Ads|Enterprise",
  "showCode": true|false|"css",
  "apiCalls": [],
  "author": {
  	"name": "",
  	"githubUsername": ""
  "library": "",
  "player": ""
Key Type Value Description
title string Demo title*
description string A brief description of your demo*
license string The license type necessary to recreate your demo*
showCode boolean | string Displays demo player with code snippet when true, without code snippet when false
layout string Displays code snippet to right of demo player on horizontal or under demo player on vertical
apiCalls array List of JW Player Javascript API calls used in your demo. For example: .on('ready') string Your name
author.githubUsername string Your GitHub username
library string A JW Player library id. It will automatically add a script tag and include the library to be used in demo.js.
player string A JW Player full id, containing a library id and a media id. This will automatically add a script tag containing a single-line embed on the page.