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This is a dashboard to use with a space shuttle flight following shuttle-command and jwr-shuttle for scripts.

Inspired by NASA's MCC




There are several ways to running this dashboard

Static (1 display)

Go to the "releases" tab and download the newest version of You can unzip that and open the program.

  • updated ISS data if an internet connection present
  • a program
  • 1 display
  • completely offline
  • easy

Online (multiple displays)

Go to on every computer you want to see it.

  • needs to have network
  • works in the browser
  • up to date ISS data
  • not automatically synchronised (you need to push synchronously)
  • easiest

Offline but networked (multiple displays)

This mode needs to be made

Clone the repository from github like this:

$ git clone
$ cd dashboard

Once inside you have to make sure you've got internet connection (for the setup, later can be used offline) and have installed nodejs. Then you run:

$ npm install
$ gulp serve

This will setup a local server that will mirror all keypresses etc. to the other devices you have running. Make sure that all the devices are on the same network and then open in the browsers the address that is returned by gulp. This is http://your-ip-address:3000.

Note: this hasn't been made yet.

  • synchronised displays
  • updated ISS data if an internet connection present
  • best
  • technically harder


  • advance a step
    • spacebar
    • enter
    • down arrow
    • righ arrow
  • go back a step
    • backspace
    • up arrow
    • left arrow
  • toggle holding state (MET)
    • p
    • h
  • toggle help
    • ?
  • show remote
    • r

Other resources

The script that has to be used while running this dashboard is available to view at and on github. The program that's used currently for each computer individually is also on github. An overview of the whole project is available at


Right now this is a shell of what it could become, it can use real data, more variable data and more configuring. It should also in long term be connected to what the players see and enter on their consoles.


Icon is based on Space Shuttle by Giuditta Valentina Gentile from the Noun Project.

Creative Commons Licence

This is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. No warranty whatsoever.

Made by Haroen Viaene for JWR v.z.w..