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Assets 6


This version catches GearHead2 up to the improvements made to GearHead1, and fixes some problems that have been around since v0.630. Here's the complete list of changes:

*Fixed last chapter deadend bugs
*New graphics for fortress, spaceships


*Updated character generator (chargen.pp)
*ExpressDelivery info display now works (services.pp)
*Cosplay changed from separate program to main menu option (cosplay2.pas)
*Some illegal characters removed from filenames (texutil.pp)
*Obsolete memos no longer appear in browser (arenascript.pp)
*FillRectWithSprite can now accept offsets (sdlgfx.pp)
*Bishounen now gives +10 reaction bonus and universal admiration (interact.pp)
*Added nonbinary, undefined genders and romance options (ghchars.pp)
*Improve Stats menu shows stat descriptions (training.pp)
*Default weapon name should now be correct (ghweapon.pp)
*Color menu is properly recentered when screen resizes (colormenu.pp)
*String input routine now uses DynamicRect (sdlgfx.pp)
*SDL screen now resizable (sdlgfx.pp)
*VGFX_Zone changed to object with GetRect method (vidgfx.pp)
*Fixed "Ask About Rumors" abrupt conversation end (arenascript.pp)