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GearHead Caramel

GearHead Caramel- Third game in the GearHead series, first written in Python.

Requires Python 2 and PyGame.



The first scenario for GearHead Caramel is Winter Mocha. Set a few months after the Typhon Incident, you are invited to take part in a charity mecha tournament at the newly constructed Mauna Arena.

This is an early alpha release- there are tons of things that aren't finished yet. However, it's a fun little scenario, and will show you some of the new things that GearHead Caramel can do.


If you are installing from source, you will need both Python 2.7 and PyGame installed.



Unzip the game files and put them in a convenient folder. The file you want to run is "main.py"; with any luck you will just be able to double click that file and the game will start. If not, try right clicking and select "open with Python".

The first time it's run, the game will create a "ghcaramel" folder in your home directory and place a configuration file there. This is where all of your characters and saved games are stored, in case you want to delete them or make backups. The configuration file can be edited in any text editor.

In fact, the entire game can be edited in any text editor. Go ahead and look at how things work.


Note that commands are case sensitive- "Q" is different from "q".

Left click: Move to spot

Right click: Open skills menu during exploration

c: Center the screen on the party/active character

Q: Quit the game.

In the attack interface, click the name of your weapon to change weapons.

In the combat movement interface, click the movemode to change movemode.