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GearHead Caramel

GearHead Caramel- Third game in the GearHead series, first written in Python.

To install, just unzip the standalone distribution to a convenient place and double click "ghcaramel". To do a DIY installation from source code, see the instructions below.



The first scenario for GearHead Caramel is Winter Mocha. Set a few months after the Typhon Incident, you are invited to take part in a charity mecha tournament at the newly constructed Mauna Arena.

This is an early alpha release- there are tons of things that aren't finished yet. However, it's a fun little scenario, and will show you some of the new things that GearHead Caramel can do.

Note: If you have trouble running ghcaramel on MacOS, you may need to set the executable permission on the file (chmod a+x ghcaramel) or configure MacOS gatekeeper to allow it to run.


Most things in GearHead Caramel are done using the mouse, but there are keyboard shortcuts for some. Note that commands are case sensitive- "Q" is different from "q".

Left click: Move to spot

Right click: Open skills menu during exploration

c: Center the screen on the party/active character

Q: Quit the game.

H: Open the Field HQ (Exploration mode only)

m: Browse memos (Exploration mode only)

In the attack/skill/EWar interface, click the name of your weapon/skill/program to change to a different one. You can scroll through weapons and attack options using the mouse wheel or the arrow keys.

In the combat movement interface, click the movemode to change movemode.


Things have gotten a bit more complicated since the last time I updated this file. To build GearHead Caramel from source, first you will need to install Python3. After that you need to install the PyGame, Numpy, and Cython packages. The easiest way to install these is with "pip". You may also need to install a C compiler for Cython; see the Cython page for details.

Before running the program for the first time, you need to build the caramel-recolor-cython package. Open a terminal in the caramel-recolor-cython folder and type:

python install

Depending on your system, you may need to type "python3" instead of "python". Once this package is installed, you can run to play the game.

The first time it's run, the game will create a "ghcaramel" folder in your home directory and place a configuration file there. This is where all of your characters and saved games are stored, in case you want to delete them or make backups. The configuration file can be edited in any text editor.

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