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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Nov 29, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release


It's been a busy month, but I just finished a new release of GearHead Caramel. This one comes with some graphics upgrades, balance tweaks, and the ability to (finally!) retreat from combat... which you might need if you wander into the new Kerberos scenario.

Here's the list of changes:

  • Added Kerberos storyline to DeadZone Drifter
  • Can now load same image in transparent and non-transparent versions
  • Monsters can power their own weapons
  • Can now flee from combat by using an exit
  • Attackers will move a bit so you can tell who's attacking
  • Added AttackInvocation
  • Added COMBATROUND script trigger
  • Added error message to gear loader if unknown command encountered
  • Activated the BioCorp biotech hunting mission
  • Added missing formatting for many tarot memos
  • Nerf Charge Attack, which was incorrectly not rescaled during the previous health and damage scale adjustment in 0.542.

As usual, try it out and let me know what you think.

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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Oct 20, 2020 · 15 commits to master since this release


This is a quick bugfix release that repairs the crash when starting v0.550 from a clean install. Also, it changes the number of rockets in the Corsair's heavy rocket pod from 5 to 4 because I'm making a Corsair model for 3D printing and want to keep the rectangular shape.

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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Oct 15, 2020 · 16 commits to master since this release


Finally, a new release of GearHead Caramel! This release has lots of balance and UI improvements, plus some new content. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  • Added Ran Magnus Mecha Works
  • Added stretchy_screen config file option
  • Added Pro Duelist Association faction
  • Missile salvos drain target's stamina faster than other attacks
  • Removed redundant (and outdated) are_ally_factions, are_enemy_factions methods from GearHeadCampaign
  • Improve success rate and casting cost of LISTEN TO MY SONG.
  • Fill out Mecha Graveyard adventure.
  • Highlight the tile where we completely consume one action point when showing the trail of a move or move-attack.
  • Fix the missing Haywire attack on Phoenix L-Cannon
  • Added unique EWar system, Necromatix. Start doing those sidequests for a chance to get it!
  • Fix bug that would prevent deadzone town plot from advancing if you do "Recon by Force" mission.
  • Fix bug where we mistakenly give odds for hitting a dead mecha when its ally is standing on top of it.
  • Some particular unique shops might now sell parts of, or even complete, champion mecha.
  • Fix bug where mechas you own suddenly disappear after you take out their engines or torso in the mecha engineering terminal.
  • More body options.
  • Implement 'Create New Mecha' in out-of-game mecha editor.
  • Add batteries to Musketeer.
  • Champions that upgrade their missiles now make sure it fits in the largest Launcher.
  • Memos now include location information as appropriate.
  • Made missiles more accurate, cheaper, and not shield-blockable (now only interception and dodge work against missiles), and increase missile quantities on almost every mecha.
  • Intercept weapons are now much less effective, but you can now stack several to improve your interception chances.
  • Added some dungeon decor
  • Destroyed mecha will be announced at end of combat
  • Slightly increased and curved damage
  • Missions change your faction score for both enemy and allied factions
  • Only one LMDEV plot can be active at once
  • Added GET trigger when an item is picked up
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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Aug 18, 2020 · 80 commits to master since this release


I'm excited to announce another new release of GearHead Caramel. The big change this time around is the addition of dungeons and personal scale combat. Other stuff includes various balance tweaks, improved enemy AI, and a new variant of the Daum. Try it out and let me know what you think.


  • Added Mecha Graveyard adventure
  • Adjusted mass, health, and damage scaling
  • Added crates and other item-storage waypoints
  • Mecha melee damage bonus also toned down
  • Melee attack multiple hits toned down
  • Added Treasure gear type
  • Dropped items may be picked up by clicking on tile where PC is standing
  • Lancemates may now trade personal inventory items
  • Monsters use a different target selection routine
  • Got rid of annoying short hallways from PackedBuilding map generator
  • Melee weapons can have the Multi Wielded attribute, which lets you attack with multiple instances of that weapon.
  • Personal scale combat gives more direct XP than mecha scale combat
  • Added dungeon generator
  • Random NPCs should get a faction-appropriate job
  • Standardized the lancemate hiring cost
  • Tooltips may be several lines of text, if needed
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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Aug 10, 2020 · 103 commits to master since this release


I was planning to make a new release after adding dungeons, but have accumulated enough bugfixes and improvements to make a release right now. Dungeons should be coming up next week... or sometime...


Anyhow, there's lots of exciting stuff this time around. The Phoenix and the Secutor have been added! Combat AI has been updated! Melee attacks and electronic warfare get a much-needed boost! Vikki gets actual lines of dialogue! It's been a busy week.


  • Added Phoenix and Secutor mecha
  • Modified some mecha designs
  • Added Brutal attack attribute that causes extra damage to armor
  • Melee attacks have a chance to cause multiple hits
  • Fixed autosave config menu option
  • Melee weapons can have the Ignites Ammo attributes, which replaces Burn for melee weapons, and reduces armor of enemy mecha, preventing them from using ballistic and missile weapons.
  • Melee weapons can have the Drains Power attribute, which greatly reduces the power supplies of enemy mecha, preventing them from using energy and beam weapons.
  • Heavy actuators provide melee damage bonus to the module they're installed in
  • Melee attacks now get a damage bonus
  • Attacking a model will activate it
  • When combat starts, all nearby teams are activated
  • Added advanced EW programs
  • Added the Solar Navy faction
  • Vikki now gives a brief tutorial about mecha and pilot stats
  • Combat AI for enemies updated; target choice is no longer random or permanent
  • Random NPCs should now have consistent mecha colors
  • Tarot cards marked as UNIQUE should now be unique (unless generated during play)
  • Enemy factions in missions may bring in allies iff all faction members are busy
  • DZD town threat rank increases as you move deeper into the dead zone
  • Fixed FactionComputer password bug

As usual, try it out and let me know what you think. And also let me know which GH1/GH2 mecha I should add next.

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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Jul 31, 2020 · 123 commits to master since this release


Welcome to the new release of GearHead Caramel. The big addition this time around is content; every town now has a random threat scenario for you to interact with. These scenarios can affect things about the town, such as shop inventories and mission availability. Two new mecha have been added: the Daum and the Vadel. Lots of bugs have been squashed. Game balance has been adjusted. A new buff femme body type has been added.


  • All towns now have a tarot scenario
  • Added Quality of Life indicator to all towns
  • Highway encounters won't clutter the road with trees or other obstacles. It's supposed to be a road.
  • Fixed the disappearing enemy commander bug
  • One on One Champion Fight now uses faction leader if possible
  • Town prosperity now affects shop items
  • Larger movement systems are now lighter (two size-3 Wheels is heavier than a size-6 Wheels) but more expensive.
  • Slasher champions upgrade their plain shields to beam shields.
  • Raider champions upgrade their sensors (to take advantage of their weapon increased range) and may also gain Overchargers.
  • Tone down EnergyWeapon prices.
  • Add Explodium champion. Boom!
  • Major NPCs now always get customized mecha
  • Dungeons will clean out their dead daily
  • Combatant NPCs get starting equipment
  • Added Monster gear type
  • Improved visibility of Green Boarding Chute
  • Added storage scene to GearHeadCampaign
  • Tarot card transformation now passes on default elements from alpha card.
  • Add Overchargers.
  • Champion mecha are special, so they should be easier to salvage.
  • Increase Charge cost even more: treat it like a ranged weapon.
  • Added Daum, Vadel mecha
  • Melee weapons blocked by energy weapons or beam shields take damage
  • Added beam shields
  • Added indie plots
  • Renamed the tarot card modules
  • More variety in road stop garages.
  • In combat, default to the fastest movemode of your mecha.


Try it out and let me know what you think.

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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Jun 9, 2020 · 171 commits to master since this release


A new version of GearHead Caramel is ready. The shopping interface has been completely overhauled; you can now pick out items and put them back. No transaction is permanent until you hit the checkout button. Also, NPCs can now retain memories of their interactions with the PC. This breathes new life into encounters with recurring adversaries, and is being expanded to other NPC types. On top of all that, three classic mecha from GearHead1 have been added. Try it out and let me know what you think.


  • Revamped shop interface
  • Style rules may be turned on or off in the portrait editor
  • Added style, nostyle properties to PortraitBits
  • Adjusted mecha cost, random mecha unit generation
  • Modified the volume of missiles
  • Added Razer, Petrach, Wolfram mecha
  • Character creator allows selection of local mecha for green zone, dead zone
  • Extremely high Mobility scores toned down
  • Fixed crash when pygame.mixer fails to load
  • Fixed some mission problems
  • Added Memory records to Relationships
  • Random NPCs start with a narrower range of stat points
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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this May 16, 2020 · 195 commits to master since this release


Development of GearHead Caramel continues at a rapid pace. This time around there are a number of exciting changes. The Mechanical Tarot scenario generator has been overhauled and has hopefully assumed its final form. All buildings in Wujung now have a unique appearance, so you can tell them apart at a glance. Most excitingly, cyberware has been added!



Here's the complete list of changes. Try it out and let me know what you think!

  • All buildings in Wujung now have a unique appearance
  • Mechanical Tarot scenario generator improved and expanded
  • Can't enter a mecha combat mission if you have no mecha
  • No reason for Gyroscopes to not be integral by default, so now they are integral by default
  • Fixed lake room map generator crash
  • You can no longer install characters into mecha cockpits, which can lead to broken savefiles.
  • You might now occassionally come across specially-named mecha on some mission objectives. If you're lucky you might even salvage them and their special modified equipment.
  • Party removed to a safe location when plot controlling temporary scene ends
  • Added longform mecha info panel
  • Invocations now consistently show their casting costs.
  • Can now remove all modules from a mecha without crashing the game.
  • Show more info on items in Field HQ and Shop.
  • Improved Haiho slightly.
  • More movement systems for sale.
  • Cyberware!
  • Argh. Maybe now wall decor will stop blocking doors?
  • Fixed json files not loading in Python 3.7+
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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this May 2, 2020 · 332 commits to master since this release


Time for another release of GearHead Caramel. There are a lot of new skill uses,
bug fixes, lancemate actions, and balance tweaks. Many thanks to AmkG for all the pull
requests he submitted.


  • May scroll up/down or use up/down keys to page through all combat modes
  • EWSystems now show their programs, Engines now show their ratings in their info panels when buying or choosing parts to install
  • Added SkillBasedPartyReply and TagBasedPartyReply
  • Add Take Cover action to Stealth and Spot Behind Cover to Scouting
  • Spot Weakness is now a Science skill
  • Negotiation now lets you recover lancemate Mental by spending your own Stamina
  • Performance now gives weaponized singing in combat. LISTEN TO MY SONG
  • SensorLock negates the SensorRange attack modifier
  • Added StatValuePrice effect price
  • GearHeadCampaign now has make_skill_roll method
  • Added extra cost factor for high Accuracy, Penetration weapons
  • Increased Charge cost modifier to 2.5
  • Hopefully prevented rooms from being completely blocked off
  • Add an AI Assistant program, and a C99 AI Assistant EW System
  • Fixed a bug in lance "friendly duel" challenge
  • Armor, Sensors, Wheels, Hover Jets, Heavy Actuators now show their size, material, and integral-ness in their displayed name
  • Enchantments can now modify to-hit based on cover
  • Enchantments can be dispelled by application of other enchantments
  • Added Wujung Tires
  • Solitary walls will be correctly displayed
  • Wall decor should not be placed on same tile as a door
  • Added Musketeer, Ultari, Haiho mecha
  • Mecha missions now feature a variety of room types
  • Enchantments can be dispelled on movement
  • Added tidy_enchantments method to GearHeadScene
  • Added LinkedFire attack attribute
  • Many non-weapon gears can now be integral (which makes them non-removable in-game, but gives volume reduction and possible cost and mass reduction).
  • Integral weapons can no longer be removed in-game, and are also shown as integral.
  • Field of view will be updated after charge attacks
  • Cannot give stash items to mecha that don't belong to you

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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@jwvhewitt jwvhewitt released this Apr 19, 2020 · 447 commits to master since this release


As expected, in the first week a whole lot of bugs were found. Save games from v0.500 may or may not be compatible with v0.510. Many thanks to everyone who reported bugs and suggested improvements.

  • Range attack modifier will now display "Too Far" or "Too Close"
  • Gauss Cannons now use Perception rather than Reflexes
  • Added HostilityStatusBlock
  • Fixed ORPH_SOCIABLE lifepath node
  • Added Kojedo mecha
  • No experience award for missions you don't even attempt
  • Owner indicated for all items in FHQ
  • Cannot access inventory of mecha that don't belong to you
  • Fixed crash from TargetIsDamaged AI targeter
  • Added disable_audio_entirely troubleshooting config option
  • Game still loads if audio device fails
  • Fixed recovery plot when lancemate dies
  • Fixed weird PFOV bug (at least one, hopefully two)
  • Repaired the Repair skill
  • Fixed crash from targeting with Flail weapons
  • Exhaustion happens sooner in combat, has bigger penalties
  • Adjusted renown rewards
  • Fixed random NPCs always combatants bug
  • Changed "Dominate Animal" skill to "Wildcraft"


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