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Swim Lanes

The other day we were talking about git workflows and noted that the notation used in the NVIE article was pretty cool, but none of our git tools drew the commit graph in that manner.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something like that.

Whyday 2010

So, for my whyday project I decided to play around with the idea of drawing swimlane diagrams for git repos. There are two pieces to the puzzle:

  • Figuring out which commits go into which swimlanes, and
  • Rendering the swimlane diagram

For Whyday I concentrated on the second part of the project, generating the diagram. I decided to use the HTML5 canvas object for drawing, and a javascript library to structure the data. Swimlanes is the result of my Whyday efforts.

(see Whyday for more details on Whyday)


sample swimlane


The above graph was generated from the following data:

function drawGrid() {
  var sl = new SwimLanes();

  sl.drawOn("canvas", 1000, 800);

  sl.addBranch("Prod", 0);
  sl.addCommit('a127846d', 0, 'Initial commit (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addBranch("Development", 1);
  sl.addCommit('b17c3898', 1, 'Development Branch (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addBranch("Feature 1", 2);
  sl.addCommit('c1f8c863', 2, 'Feature branch (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('c2641c99', 2, 'Another feature branch (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addBranch("Feature 2", 3);
  sl.addCommit('d146ab65', 3, 'Starting another feature (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('b220bb37', 1, 'Merge to dev (Jim Weirich)', 'm');
  sl.addCommit('a27bf806', 0, 'Merge to production (Jim Weirich)', 'm');
  sl.addBranch("Feature 3", 4);
  sl.addCommit('f12f1158', 4, 'huh (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('d265be23', 3, 'fixed bugs (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('f2e605dd', 4, 'bleh (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('b3f70bb', 1, 'Merge feature branch 2 (Jim Weirich)', 'm');
  sl.addCommit('f346ab65', 4, 'meh (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('f497f0a5', 4, 'oops (Jim Weirich)');
  sl.addCommit('b4f0bb37', 1, 'Merge feature branch 3 (Jim Weirich)', 'm');
  sl.addCommit('a3c2b1b7', 0, 'Merge to production (Jim Weirich)', 'm');

  sl.connect('a127846d', 'a27bf806');
  sl.connect('a27bf806', 'a3c2b1b7');
  sl.connect('a3c2b1b7', 'a444807b');

  sl.connect('b17c3898', 'b4f0bb37');

  sl.connect('c1f8c863', 'c2641c99');

  sl.connect('d146ab65', 'd265be23');

  sl.connect('f12f1158', 'f2e605dd');
  sl.connect('f2e605dd', 'f346ab65');
  sl.connect('f346ab65', 'f497f0a5');

  sl.connect('a127846d', 'b17c3898');
  sl.connect('a127846d', 'c1f8c863');
  sl.connect('a127846d', 'd146ab65');
  sl.connect('a27bf806', 'f12f1158');
  sl.connect('c2641c99', 'b220bb37');
  sl.connect('b220bb37', 'a27bf806');
  sl.connect('b4f0bb37', 'a3c2b1b7');
  sl.connect('f497f0a5', 'b4f0bb37');
  sl.connect('d265be23', 'b3f70bb');



  • Write some Ruby code to actually get a real git repository in that format.