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Evented I/O for (Chakra, SpiderMonkey, V8, and..) JavaScript

JXcore extends Node.JS™ with additional features for developing mobile and embedded applications using JavaScript and leveraging the Node ecosystem.

Master build status: Build Status

Important Notice:

Nubisa halting active development on JXcore platform

You may alternatively try

Features include

  • Support for core Node.JS features
  • Embeddable Interface
  • Publish to Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS ..)
  • Supports Multiple JavaScript Engines
  • Multi-threading Capabilities
  • Process Configuration & Monitor
  • In-memory File System
  • Application Packaging
  • Support for the latest JavaScript features (ES6, ASM.JS ...)
  • Support for Universal Windows Platform (uwp) api

Which architectures are supported

  • ARMV7, ARMV7a, ARMv8 (64 bit**)
  • MIPS
  • ia32, X64

Coming soon;

  • Power7, Power8, MIPS (64 bit)

Which platforms are supported

  • Android 2.3+
  • CyanogenMod 10+
  • iOS 6+
  • Windows XP+
  • Various Linux Distributions (Debian, Fedora, Suse, OpenWRT, Gentoo ...)
  • BSD
  • OSX

Test environment

  • Ubuntu 14 LTS VM
  • Debian 7 VM, Ci20(mips), RP B+(arm), RP 2(arm), VM(osuosl - power8)
  • Udoo (arm + arduino)
  • FreeBSD 10 VM
  • Windows 7 x64, 8.1 x64
  • OSX 10.9, 10.10
  • Android 2.3 Samsung ACE
  • Android 3.x Samsung Galaxy Tab2
  • Android 4.x Huawei G510 /LG G2 / HTC 820(armv8) / Dell Venue 7 / Ci20(mips)
  • Android 5.x Nexus 5 / Nexus 6 / S6
  • Cyanogen 11+ one plus one
  • iOS 6.x iPhone 4s
  • iOS 7.x iPad Mini 2nd, IPhone 5s
  • iOS 8.x iPhone 6
  • OpenWRT VM, Yun(mips)


See Roadmap document.

To build:

See How to Compile document.

To install:

If you don't want to build JXcore by yourself, you can use pre-compiled binaries. See Installation document.

Start hacking the native core:

Macro API is available from here

To run the tests:

See Testing document.

JXcore Contributors

Our hardworking contributors are available from here
Would you like to be one of them? Fork, Hack, and send a Pull Request.

Node.JS authors list:

List of Node.JS contributors can be found from here

** compatibility mode