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The script automates the following tasks on posix platforms:

  1. creating cordova project
  2. downloading JXcore-cordova plugin
  3. adding it to the project
  4. optionally applies chosen sample application from sample folder

The script assumes, that cordova is already installed as well as android sdk and iOS tools.

There is also install_and_run.bat version for Windows systems.


Download the script

Download and save into an empty folder.

Run the script

The following command runs the jxcore-cordova app with original sample.

$ ./

Run the script with other sample

If you want to launch any of the prepared samples (from the sample folder), you may add it's folder name like this:

$ ./ "express sample"


$ ./ "express performance sample"


By default the script runs the app on android platform, however you can uncomment the last two lines to run it also for iOS:

# or run on ios
#cordova platforms add ios
#cordova run ios


If you don't want to clone the jxcore-cordova repository each time you run the script, you may download it manually once, e.g.:

$ mkdir myrepo
$ cd myrepo
$ git clone

and replace git clone command inside with:

cp -rf ~/path/to/myrepo/jxcore-cordova ./

This will just copy the jxcore-cordova folder instead of cloning it.

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