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OpenWrt JXcore Package Creation

OpenWrt is a GNU/Linux based firmware program for embedded devices such as residential gateways and routers.

In order to run a Node.JS application on OpenWrt targets, you need to create your own package for the target device. We made package creation steps are very easy, however you need a Ubuntu machine or VM for it. OpenWrt SDK is compatible with Ubuntu OS.

Copy and paste the script below into terminal;

curl | bash

This script will be preparing the environment for OpenWrt-JXcore package creation. It will also install the latest JXcore-V8 release on your machine.

When the process is completed, you should see a message similar to below;

Use 'wrt-jx/create_package.js '

At this point you need to find a link to your device's SDK from OpenWrt downloads page i.e. for Asus n14u, we picked the SDK from this page

Sample Link (make sure your link also starts with OpenWrt-SDK)

Once you find the link, use it as shown below;

> cd wrt-jx
> ./create_package.js [THE LINK for OpenWrt-SDK] [DEVICE-ARCH]

For [DEVICE-ARCH] use either arm or mipsel based on your device's chipset. i.e. the sample device has mipsel

This operation may take a little bit time (depends to your Internet connection speed). Eventually you should have the text message below;

OpenWRT package builder is ready
Visit OpenWrt-SDK folder and run 'make V=s'

So the last step is compiling your package;

cd OpenWrt-SDK
make V=s

This last part is going to take a while. It will cross compile JXcore for your OpenWrt target.

Once it's done, you will see a text for the location of JXcore package.

Apart from this .ipk package you should also download three other packages from OpenWrt's download page. Remember the page you have found the link for OpenWrt-SDK file. Go back to same page and click to packages and then base links.

You should find the packages below and download them on your computer.


Once you have all the ipk files, copy all of them to your device. In order to install a ipk package;

opkg install <ipk file>

You are expected to install all three packages before installing jxcore package.


By default Sqlite and Leveldown are not embedded into OpenWrt JXcore packages. If you want one of these database engines are embedded into your JXcore build, visit OpenWrt-SDK/package/jxcore/Makefile and update ./configure part as mentioned from this page

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