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ParlEx data

The underlying data that drives this site is also available for download as CSV files.

License: The data cube is supplied under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License.

Accuracy disclaimer: Since the data extraction is "best effort", I can make no guarantees of the accuracy of the data. Please make sure you validate the expenses by checking the linked PDFs supplied in the CSVs.

Spot an error? If you find an error in the data cube supplied, please email An erratum will be emailed to subscribers of the data cube.

How do I download?

To download, clone or download the CSVs provided in this Git repository. To subscribe to notifications, send an email An auto-responder will reply to your email. You can opt out by responding to the auto-responder.

Linkage Keys

The following keys are supplied in each CSV file:

  • entry_id - a unique identifier for each entry
  • parl_id - a unique identifier for each parliamentarian
  • source_id - a unique identifier for each source PDF file

Source Files

The source PDF filename is supplied for each entry. These files are accessible on the Department of Finance website under{source_pdf}.

Table schema

Coming soon