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Week of 19 HW: NYT React Search : A React-based rendition of the New York Times Article Search application
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NYT React Search

A React-based rendition of the New York Times Article Search application Created as an exercise for week 19 homework.


This application was developed as a homework assignment that I had in a Full Stack Developer class.

The primary purpose of the assignment was to demonstrate -

  • React - Create components containing various HTML elements including forms, buttons, and styling.
  • Express Server - Configured with file paths and API paths.
  • MongoDB / Mongoose - API endpoints save and delete documents in the saved article collection.
  • - The client side of the application connects to a socket and received data updates after POST or DELETE


This application has been deployed to Heroku as per the assignment, but it can also be ran locally.

Running from Heroku

At the time when this assignment was submitted the application has been deployed to Heroku. Its URL is -

Heroku link is provided in the homework submission

NOTE: The :3000 port selection is not necessary, there is a PORT environment variable that contains the port number to be used.


The following URLs are recognized by the server and will serve pages -

  • https://deployed-server/ - displays the index page
  • https://deployed-server/index - displays the index page

No other paths are intended for direct access via the browser.

Browser Differences

The obvious difference between browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and IE) is seen in regards to the HTML5 date picker that replaced the text input fields in the search panel.

The following browsers were up to date at the time this was noticed :

  • Firefox 54.0.1 (64-bit) - A text input field. The End Date is filled in with the current date, but no picker controls are present.
  • Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0 - Displays a date picker, but it's not very clean looking.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.1480.14393.0 - Behaves just like Firefox.
  • Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Works perfectly, as expected.

Application Architecture Overview

The following diagram illustrates the relationships between the browser, server system, and data flow.

Application Overview

React Components

The following page components are contained withing app.js -

React Components

Application Flow Overviews

The following diagrams describe the application's program flow in regards to -

  • Initial page load and API data retrieval
  • Save an article
  • Delete an article

Initial Page Load and API Data Retrieval

Initial Page Load

Save an Article

Save an Article

Delete an Article

Delete an Article

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