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A HyperMinimal Jekyll Theme
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A Hyperminimal Jekyll Theme

About Jekyll

Jekyll is a static site generator that plays nicely with Github pages and is extremely quick to set up.

Read more about Jekyll:

Get Started

Once you have Jekyll set up, the first thing you'll want to do is edit the _config.yml file. Change the name, description, author and url. An example localhost url is commented out for conveniently switching between local and production environments.

name: "Heather"
description: "A Hyperminimal Jekyll Theme"
author: "Jxnblk"

# url: "http://localhost:4000"
url: ""

exclude: [, Rakefile]
paginate: 16
permalink: /:title

Creating a Post

Once you've customized the settings, use the _posts/ file as a starting point for creating a post. Rename the file to reflect the date and title of your post. Open the file, change the title and write your own content.

MIT License

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