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Fitter Happier Text

Performant, fully fluid headings


Include dist/fitter-happier-text.js in your project or install from NPM:

npm install fitter-happier-text

(or download it

Pass it a nodelist.

var nodes = document.querySelectorAll('[data-fitter-happier-text]');

Fitter Happier Text replaces each node with an SVG text node and sets the viewBox attribute based on its width and height.

To adjust for different fonts, use the baseline and paddingY options. paddingY can be set to a negative value to reduce the height of the SVG container.

fitterHappierText(nodes, { baseline: 14, paddingY: 2 });

Browser support:

Please note: I do not plan on adding any SVG polyfills to handle old browsers.

MIT License