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Static Bundle

To export your deck as a static HTML page with JS bundle, add a build script to your package.json file.

"scripts": {
  "build": "mdx-deck build deck.mdx"

PDF Export

Presentations can be exported as PDF using the CLI. This works well as a backup option for any unforeseen technical difficulties.

"script": {
  "pdf": "mdx-deck pdf deck.mdx"


A PNG image of the first slide can be exported with the screenshot command. This is useful for creating open graph images for Twitter, Facebook, or Slack.

"script": {
  "screenshot": "mdx-deck screenshot deck.mdx"

OG Image

To use the image as an open graph image, use the Head component to add a meta tag. Note that the meta tag should point to a full URL, including schema and domain name.

import { Head } from 'mdx-deck'

  <meta name='og:image' content='' />