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MDX Deck uses Theme UI and Emotion for styling, making practically any part of the presentation themeable.

Built-in Themes

MDX Deck includes several built-in themes to change the look and feel of the presentation. Export theme from your MDX file to enable a theme.

import { themes } from 'mdx-deck'

export const theme = themes.dark

# Dark Theme

View the Themes docs to see all available themes.

Custom Themes

A custom theme can be provided by exporting theme from the MDX file.

import myTheme from './theme'

export const theme = myTheme

# Hello

Themes are based on Theme UI and support customizing typography, color, layout, and other element styles.

// Example theme.js
export default {
  fonts: {
    body: 'Roboto, sans-serif',
    monospace: '"Roboto Mono", monospace',
  colors: {
    text: 'white',
    background: 'black',
    primary: 'blue',

Composing Themes

To compose multiple themes together, merge the objects together into a single theme and export that theme from your deck.

Google Fonts

Themes can specify a googleFont field to automatically add a <link> tag to the document head. Alternatively, use the <Head /> component to add a custom <link> tag.

Syntax Highlighting

By default fenced code blocks do not include any syntax highlighting. Themes can provide a set of custom MDX components, including a replacement for the default code component that can add syntax highlighting with libraries like react-syntax-highlighter.

MDX Deck includes two themes for adding syntax highlighting with react-syntax-highlighter: highlight and prism.

import { themes } from 'mdx-deck'

export const theme = {

Since MDX supports using React components inline, you can also import a syntax highlighting component directly, if you prefer.

import Highlighter from 'react-syntax-highlighter'

<Highlighter language='javascript'>
{`export const hello = 'hi'`}

Styling Elements

Add a theme.styles object to style specific markdown elements.

// example theme
export default {
  styles: {
    h1: {
      textTransform: 'uppercase',
      letterSpacing: '0.1em',
    blockquote: {
      fontStyle: 'italic',


  • colors: object of colors used for MDX components
    • text: root foreground color
    • background: root background color
    • primary: primary color
  • fonts.body: base font family
  • fonts.heading: heading font family
  • fonts.monospace: font family for <pre> and <code>
  • text.heading: styles for all headings
  • styles: Theme UI styles for MDX elements
  • styles.Slide: styles for the wrapping Slide component
  • styles.Header: styles for the Header component
  • styles.Footer: styles for the Footer component
  • components: object of MDX components
  • googleFont: Stylesheet URL for adding a Google Font