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Browser-based MDX editor

npm i -g ok-mdx
mkdir docs
touch docs/hello.mdx
mdx docs --open
  • Quickly prototype with React components
  • Zero configuration
  • Mix markdown with JSX
  • Live edit and autosave

What is this for?

MDX is great for documentation, building demos, or quickly prototyping with React components, without the need to set up a full-blown React application. Similar to Compositor x0, ok-mdx is meant to be installed as a global command line utility that you can use alongside your application setup or in isolated sandbox environments. ok-mdx works well as a local alternative to tools like CodeSandbox when working with React components.

Getting Started

ok-mdx needs a directory of .mdx or .md files to work.

After installing ok-mdx, create a folder and an empty .mdx file with the following command:

mkdir docs && touch docs/hello.mdx

Start the ok-mdx app:

mdx docs --open

This will open the application in your default browser, showing a list of the MDX files. Click on a filename to open the editor view. In the right panel, add some text to see the preview on the left.

MDX Format

MDX is a superset of markdown, which can also render JSX instead of HTML.

# Markdown Heading

<button className='blue'>JSX button</button>

Importing Components

In order to import components, be sure they're installed locally. This requires a package.json file in your current directory.

To create a package.json file, run npm init -y.

To install a component, use npm install. The following will install grid-styled and styled-components as a local dependency.

npm i grid-styled styled-components

To use components, import them at the top of your MDX file:

import { Flex, Box } from 'grid-styled'

# Hello

<Flex alignItems='center'>
  <Box p={3} width={1/2} bg='blue'>
  <Box p={3} width={1/2}>


-o --open     Opens development server in default browser
-p --port     Port for development server
--vim         Enable editor Vim mode


ok-mdx is only meant to be used for development. To export your MDX files, consider one of the following tools:

  • Compositor x0: great for creating documentation, blogs, static sites, or other small demos
  • Next.js: great for creating production-ready, server-side rendered React applications