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Phonegap desktop

The aim of this project is to allow developers to use PhoneGap in a desktop browser.

Have a look at the online demo (Best viewed in Chrome) This is a copy of the phonegap kitchen sink demo using my desktop library.

All PhoneGap API calls are simulated and the data returned is determined by json files.

See the Wiki for some notes on getting started.

Current Status:

Added warning message if JSON data cannot be loaded
Added section headings and links to API docs
Added Cordova File API methods

Next Steps:

Look at using new getUserMedia method for camera capture (latest release of Chrome, Opera)
Add ChildBrowser plugin
Look at emulation (not simulation) of other features
Investigate overriding Firefox geolocation


PhoneGap Desktop is licensed under Apache v2.
A copy of the license is included in the project or you can view it at

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