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New version of MiniLatex Reader that gets documents from the server. Written in Elm.
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MiniLatex Readers

MiniLatex Reader is a small app which can be embedded in a web page and used to display LaTeX as HTML. Please see for a demonstration. Or try the phone version at

Note the trailing slash.

Using MiniLatex Reader

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. To function properly, index.html must be provided by a web server. You can do this using the inclded file, Just say python It should be running on port 8081 -- the host app is configured to allow requests on this port.

  1. Test the app by clicking on index.html. It should open in your browswer and display the LaTeX content.

  2. If you wish, copy the files index.html and Main.min.js to your webserver and configure the start up document id by ediing

Customizing the app.

Change the line documentId: 427 to change the start-up document. Change the phrase host: " to change the host. These are configured n index.html:

 flags: {
    host: "",
    documentId: 427,
    width: "500px",
    height: "600px",
    leftmargin: "40px"

Request Format

The backend server is the one used by The proper form for a request to the backend server at is, where ID is an integer document ID with header "APIVersion" : "V2".

Document structure

Documents conform to the following type definitons. See the JSON decoders in Document.elm for more details.

type alias DocumentRecord =
    { document : Document }

type alias Document =
    { id : Int
    , authorName : String
    , title : String
    , content : String
    , tags : List String
    , docType : DocType

type DocType
    = Standard
    | Master
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